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TOP COACH David Horrix (see pic) has co-produced a new bumper training manual which is ideal for coaches – especially those just starting out in the daunting field of snooker coaching.

SnookerZone got to review the book for the Reading Zone… 


You’re a new coach and you’ve got your very first lesson with a new student in a few hours. But you’re stumped as to what to start off with. You frantically try to put together a plan, but you just are not sure how to go about it. you end up with a sore head and nerves from not knowing what to start off with on this pupil’s first lesson. You’re sweating profusely with anxiety.


That worrying and panicking is a thing of the past now, as…

You now picked up your copy of this…


Becoming a coach for snooker requires more than just teaching technical basics such as how to hold the cue or how to form a solid bridge hand, it requires a structure for every session and a plan as well as an evaluation of how the student is progressing.

This complete manual from Horrix will enable newbie coaches to hold a lesson with a structured plan and a way of conducting lessons in a fun but an informative way for the pupil AND evaluating their progress.


With 86 pages though, this book is not just for coaches. It’s for all types of players, from beginner to professional level.

Horrix’s mission as quoted in the book is: “Our mission is to provide a quality Snooker coaching programme, with high-level performance coaching, and a snooker regimented training programme to maximize the potential of aspiring snooker players from beginners to professional tour players.”

How snooker training starts…

The book is structured in a way that explains how a coach should begin a lesson. The exercises in the first chapter get the coach to explain and demo to the player the types of shots they need to play in snooker in order to make a break of any kind. These are:

  • The topspin shot
  • The screw shot
  • The stun shot
  • The stun run through shot

Then, after demonstrating these shots one by one, it’s time for the player to have a go!

These shots are given prominence first over technique in this manual, such as how to grip the cue or how to form a solid bridge. A player needs to understand how to play these shots in order to be able to play the game. This chapter would be for players new to the game and looking to build some confidence.

The Benefits

This is what this book is about. Giving coaches, especially newbies the confidence to conduct a lesson as well as giving the players the confidence to play the shots! You will go away from reading this, if you’re a wannabe coach, thinking: “yes, I can now run a series of basic lessons with a pupil.”

Likewise, a pupil player will go away thinking: “I can now understand and play X shot…”

Pros and Cons of the Snooker Training Handbook...

SnookerZone likes the fact this book gets straight to the point. There is no waffle or flannel in this book and it gets on with it. We like authors who are to the point and tell you exactly what you need to do to improve and it’s up to you to get on and do what you’ve been taught. The book is well written and explains in an easy to understand way how to run a basic to more advanced training lesson with a pupil. Even coaches need a helping hand in developing their lessons and coaching business…

Then, the book is well structured for the level of player. Some of the exercises are well known but are well explained and given that extra challenge twist to them.

We fully recommend Horrix’s books as we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing others so far such as…

As it’s a digital product, the beauty is, as a player/coach, you can print off the pages you want to plan to use for a lesson (or a session as a player) and take them with you down the snooker club. One of the only cons to these digital downloads is that sometimes, it’s nice to be able to have all of the book with you – may be in the form of a mobile app or have it downloaded onto the Kindle via a mobile or tablet device.


Have you seen Snooker Coach? The mobile app? See SnookerZone’s review here in the Training Zone…








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