Evans 11…

Evans 11…

REANNE EVANS claims 11th UK Womens title

THE LIONESSES secured a dramatic 2 – 1 victory over Germany in the final of the 2022 European Football Championships watched by under 100,000 people at the home of English football – Wembley.

But just off the A65 in Leeds, and 3:38 mins away by car from London, the Northern Snooker Centre over the weekend saw another group of women competing in a sport of a different kind.

The Taom UK Womens Snooker Championship may not be the biggest show on earth, but on show were a modest 30 players all very good with a wooden stick and some balls.

It was another eventful campaign for British female Reanne Evans (pictured from WWS Facebook), who claimed her 11th UK Championship title defeating professional Ng On Yee in the final in a thrilling deciding frame thriller.

However, there was no LIVE stream of the event, which disappointed snooker fans as one simply said on Facebook.

No LIVE STREAM? Seriously?

Woking’s talented cueist Jasmine Bolsover managed to navigate the round-robin stages to proceed to the knockout and came up in the last 16 against the current World Women’s Champion Nutcharut Wongharuthai, AKA Mink who turned pro earlier this year after winning the women’s top event in Sheffield.

It was a tight match that ended in Mink edging it 4 -3.

This proves significant progress for the 22-year-old cueist from Woking Snooker Centre, who has been making great strides in the game since returning to the snooker scene after graduating from university in the last couple of years.

Reanne Evans and Mink were seeded into the knockout.

There were wins for 20-year-old Ploychompoo from Thailand in the Under-21 category and Tessa Davidson, 53, claimed the Seniors title.

Womens snooker is one such sport that despite growth with events now globally around the world such as events now forged in America, Belgium, and others desperately needs investment and innovation with new ideas to expand.

Given the fact that Ultimate Pool has done amazing things in the past 2 years to grow 8-ball UK pool, World Womens Snooker could do with some TV exposure such as being aired on channels such as Freesports or SportyTV.

Womens football is a prime example of a sport which has invested in its future and the great win of the Lionesses on Sunday night could well see an explosion in young girls and women taking up sports, particularly those like snooker where access to it is not always easy.

The hard work for womens football begins now to keep that investment going so that there are future generations of English women champions.

Investment and development is the key to growth…

SnookerZone has seen firsthand in the local snooker club how improving facilities at a grassroots level can inspire more people to pick up a cue and play – and who knows – where it could lead for you.

We’ve documented the changes going on for some time. It’s important, and SnookerZone has been key to reporting on the great achievements going on at our local snooker club. We’ve been documenting players, reporting on events, and generally promoting the great things that go on at grassroots level in the game locally. It’s important that these stories that don’t get reported in local press, get heard.

There are certainly more women and girls playing the game at the Woking Snooker Centre since its facilities have improved and opened up more opportunities to play sports like snooker in friendly environments where help is also at hand to help players improve and develop.

Investment, community help and funding and generosity from a club membership all play a part in helping a grassroots sport grow.

Hopefully, the great win of the Lionesses on Sunday can inspire, motivate, and charge growth EVEN MORE  in all sports.

And that’s a good thing indeed.

Well done to everyone involved.

From SnookerZone.





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