EPSB U-16s and U-21s Came to Woking – Another First…

EPSB U-16s and U-21s Came to Woking – Another First…

While Snooker’s GOAT Ronnie O’Sullivan was notching up yet another World Professional title at the Hong Kong Masters, up to a dozen or so youngsters were learning the ropes of competitive snooker on the Under-16 and Under-21 amateur tours.

The English Partnership of Snooker and Billiards Under-16 and Under-21 tour came to Woking Snooker Centre for the first time as the EPSB runs these tournaments across the country in different regions. The Woking tour was for the south region.

SnookerZone yet again popped down to catch some of the action.

In the Under-16 category, there were a total of 11 runners, as were the same in the Under-21. The events took place over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Many of the players involved are also on the Cuestars circuit in the south, another organization that is providing the excellent groundwork for introducing young players to the pit of competitive snooker and nurturing the talent that may want to progress to the next level – should they desire to go that far.

The competition is fierce even at that level as in the Under-21 section there were the likes of young talented Dylan Smith, 14, supported by his father and snooker coach Lee Smith, whom SnookerZone has interviewed before.

There were the usual suspects of Oliver Sykes, who played previously in the EPSB’S Open Series Event at Woking the weekend prior to last.

14-year-old Smith got to the semi-final in Woking.

However, the final of the Under-21 event was contested by 18-year-old Aidan Murphy, who beat O’Shay Scott, who was five years younger than Murphy at just 13.

Murphy will be jetting off to Belgium for the English Amateur Tour Event.

Young O’Shay Scott is one of the many talents coming through the Cuestars as well.

Talented Asten Sahota, another lad on the Cuestars tour, managed to claim the Under-16 event on Saturday at Woking.

There were also Under-16 events in the Midlands region.




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