Emma Parker Shines Early in Week 2 of the 900…

Emma Parker Shines Early in Week 2 of the 900…

AFTER the inspiration of the top four women players playing center stage at Milton Keynes at the weekend, Emma Parker, another talent on the World Women’s Tour gained a boost and DAZZLED in the second week of the Snooker Legends Amateur 900 event by making the final on the first day of week 2.

Her sterling performance comes after fans of the sport witnessed a weekend of the top four female players shine on center stage with the best four male players in the World Mixed Doubles which was eventually won by the pairing of Neil Robertson and current World Woman Champion Mink Nutcharut.

The successful launch of the 900 Snooker Legends 900 Series last week which runs until November ,  continues live on Sporty Stuff TV at 10pm with the opening matches in Week 2, where the top four progress to Wednesday’s £6,000 finals.

Parker has been making a name for herself on the exhibition circuit and has been WOWING fans across the country in various towns and making high breaks such as 92.

The remainder get a second shot on Tuesday when they are joined by Ashley Beal, Jamie Wilson, Steve Crowley and Sean Maddocks again with the top four from the grouping making finals night.

Daniel Wells was installed the 11/4 favourite to take the weekly title and he will be a very warm order to take his opening match against Callum Lloyd tonight.

Former English Amateur runner-up  and 10/1 shot Andrew Norman was the first to progress to the Grand Finals night on 16 November when beating Billy Joe Castle in the deciding match last Wednesday to take the Week 1 title.

The betting for week 2 began like this…

To win Week 2: 11/4 Daniel Wells, 4 Rory McLeod, 7 Jamie Wilson, 8 Sean Maddocks, 9 Aaron Canavan, 10 Stuart Watson, 11 Callum Lloyd, 16 Tony Knowles, 22 John Hunter, 33 Steve Crowley, 50 Emma Parker, Ashley Beal.

Parker, not surprisingly met Daniel Wells in the final on the first day – but it was Wells that prevailed.

However, the enthusiasm for the Snooker Legends 900 continues as there’s potential for a Snooker Legends 900 Women’s Series Event.

Could it happen?

You betcha…

With £6,000 per week in prize money “The 900” is the biggest thing to happen on Tv for Amateur Snooker in many years.

The Snooker Legends 900 will see 25 nights of live snooker on Sporty Stuff TV broadcast Monday to Wednesday every night.

The eight weekly winners will then contest the Grand Final in November in a one-off special.

All events will be staged in the Stephen Hendry Matchroom at the Crucible Club in Reading with a total prize fund in excess of £50,000.

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