Drama SIZZLES in Week 15 of the Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup…

Drama SIZZLES in Week 15 of the Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup…

Ultimate Pool’s no 1 ranked professional Shane Thompson and his Legend partner Tom Cousins scraped through week 15 by the skin of their teeth on Monday.

2 time World Pool Champion Tom Cousins (middle) admitted he was nervous on his Ultimate Pool debut…

The duo survived the dramatic six-reds shootout where they defeated the unlikely pair of Sam Bircher and Lee Washbrook.

The pair made a hash of their break off as Thompson and Cousins shot the reds in a modest 23: 88 seconds. Bircher and Washbrook conceded quickly after realizing they couldn’t make up the time after the hash break in the shootout.

The six-reds shootout has become a dramatic staple of the Ultimate Pool events and players are mixed about wanting to go to the wire in one.

Thompson, who’s won three Ultimate Pool Series Events this season, told Ultimate Pool after that both he and his partner Cousins, a two-time World Pool Champion, didn’t play well on the night but were pleased to get through.

Heartbreak for Tim Roberts…

And, there was heartbreak for the duo of Tim Roberts and his partner Phil Malam, as they were three-nil down in the final match, but there was still time on the clock for them to make a comeback.

However, Roberts, who just landed outside the top 8 of the Challenger Series to turn professional, broke off in the fourth frame and for a second, it looked like he was going to get a Golden Break with the eightball going in the middle pocket. However, despair struck as the white ball unluckily bounced off a yellow and followed the eightball into the same pocket. Their night was over.

A Nervous Cousins…

For Cousins, it was his debut on the Ultimate Pool, and in the first matches, he was a bit flat. He couldn’t get used to the shot clock and on a final frame they needed to win in the first match, he froze, and was too slow off the mark, when he could have potted a few balls to make a clearance and win the match. Instead, they drew.

Speaking after, Cousins admitted about the shot clock in that frame: I just froze.

He added about his debut: I was a bit nervous tonight to be honest.

Thompson said of his partnership with Cousins. We’re a team. We win and lose together.”

On the six-reds shootout, to which they both admitted they didn’t like, Thompson was relieved and said he had been asking around about whether 23 seconds was any good?

I think 23 seconds is a good time and was just happy to get through.

The Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup has just one more group to go before the knockout stages in January after Christmas.

Catch the action EVERY MONDAY on Freesports Channel 64 in the UK and on the Ultimate Pool website.

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