Defending Champions Scrape Through 2022 Pairs Cup…

Defending Champions Scrape Through 2022 Pairs Cup…

SHAUN CHIPPERFIELD AND KARL SUTTON scraped through the first week of the new 2022 Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup on Monday. 

The 34-year-old dynamic duo breezed through their first two matches but it was touch and go in their final match as they needed a win or a draw to qualify for the next phase of the event.

However, it was nearly calamity after Sutton had sent a red around the angles on 1 – 1 and almost potted the 8 ball into the middle bag, but the 8-ball stayed out by a whisker – meaning the pair had escaped a dreaded six-red shootout between Andy Barker and Kev Sutton.

Speaking after to Ultimate Pool broadcaster Steven Jamieson, Chiperfield said…

That’s the format. It can be brutal.

Sutton, the recent winner of the Ultimate Pool Pro Series Event Five, said they felt similar to how they felt last season when they scooped the event. They felt confident in the early stages, but the nerves kicked in later on.

Chipperfield & Sutton won the inaugural edition of the Pairs Cup back in January when they ousted Declan Brennan & Ronan McCarthy via a dramatic 6-red shootout in the final. The duo began their title defence against Zac Cooper & Lee Hammersley, Matt Barcock & Wayne Gardner and Andy Barker & Kev Sutton.

The Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup is on for another 21-week run and will see the big names from across other cue sports compete.

Four-times World Snooker Champion Mark Selby and Gareth Potts will be pairing up in week 9 on a return from their drama last season when they got through the first phase in a dramatic three-way six red shootout.

Other names from snooker include Jamie Burnett.

The top names in pool will be back for the thrills and spills in the coming weeks as the tournament livens up and fans feel the heat from this fast and furious Pairs Cup.

Runners-up Brennan & McCarthy are back, as too are Michael Hill & Phil Harrison and Shane Thompson & Tom Cousins.

Two more eyebrow-raising pairs include Chris Melling & Jordan Shepherd and Jake McCartney & Karl Boyes.

It can be seen on Monday nights on the Freesports Player app and Ultimate Pool site.

The Ultimate Pool app for android and apple devices will be out very soon – SnookerZone learns!




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