Davidson Scoops Third Winchester Series…

Davidson Scoops Third Winchester Series…

TESSA DAVIDSON scooped her third Winchester Women’s Series title in Leicester over the weekend.

The 54-year-old defeated EMMA PARKER in the final 2 – 1.

It was Parker’s second appearance in a final, after having scooped a win last year, along with Mink Nutcharut, who won the first two, and Parker has been fearless on the Exhibition Circuit in the last couple of years.

Davidson told SnookerZone briefly: “I’m thrilled to have won a third Series event at The Winchester Club. These events have been so worthwhile in providing regular competition for myself and the other players. Thanks to Mukesh Palmer for hosting, and hopefully they will continue for a second series?”

She added: “I played very solid match-play and felt quite clinical amongst the balls. I was very pleased to beat a top class player, Emma Parker in the final.”

Parker had the highest break of the event with a 51, with Davidson’s 44 behind in second.

There were ten entries in total.

Well played to EVERYONE involved in that event in Leicester and events across the land at the weekend.


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