Date Changes: 2022 EPSB Finals Weekend Moved…

The 2022 EPSB Finals weekend has moved from June to July due to the announcement that the European Snooker and Billiards Association has decided to hold the European Championships in Albania from the 7th – 18th of June.

New dates for the EPSB Finals Weekend have been set for the 9-10th July at the same venue, the Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds.

On the EPSB website, it states: “Several players who have made EPSB finals will or may be invited to compete in Albania and the EPSB felt it wasn’t fair that they should choose between the two with both dates clashing. The same applies to our officials, who may have an opportunity to referee at both.”

Check their website for new updates on the order of play for the weekend…

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