Cuestars Seniors Returned for the Second Time to Woking in 2022…

Cuestars Seniors Returned for the Second Time to Woking in 2022…

WOKING SNOOKER CENTRE hosted the second Cuestars Over 40’s Seniors Tour event for the second time in six months over the weekend – as a record number of entries were received.

With thunder and rain battering the south on Sunday in Surrey all day, the 47 runners who entered the tournament were kept dry  with the fantastic hospitality of Club Manager Peter Ruddick.

The matches were played in groups in a Round Robin set-up, with the top two from each group progressing to the next stage of the Seniors Tour.

SnookerZone writer and regular club member/player Chris Gaynor, entered the event on his debut, as well as many other players from the Woking Snooker Centre.

John Hunter, the founder of the Cuestars project, which seeks to give players of all abilities and ages the chance to play competitive but friendly match snooker in the south, said of the venue: “It’s even better than it ever was, and it’s back to where it was in its peak.”

He praised the continued work of Club Manager Peter Ruddick and his team.

Chris Gaynor, who has written and been involved in supporting Cuestars through promotion on the website SnookerZone, and has even sponsored an event via SnookerZone, said of his debut after turning 40 this year: “I was so glad I could enter an event on the Cuestars as I’ve written and witnessed Cuestars in action over the past couple of years. It was great to be at the table competing.

He added; “I would definitely recommend players enter the Cuestars tournaments for great match practice and confidence-building. John Hunter and Tim Dunkley do a great job of giving people the chance to test and improve their games. Some may not want to compete regularly or go as far in the game to pro or top amateur level, but whatever level you are at, it’s great that something like this exists in the south of England!”

Entry to the events on the Cuestars ranges from £15 with the guarantee of playing at least three matches. You do have to be a member of the Cuestars though which is a £10 membership entry fee.

Because of the record number of entries yesterday at Woking, there was a guarantee that everyone would play at least 5 matches, that’s a potential of up to 15 frames of snooker! Some played six and got to play potentially a maximum of 18 frames.

There could have been SnookerZone learned, more than 50 entries on the day.

The Cuestars Seniors Tour boasts some top names, which include the likes of Wayne Townsend and Matt Ford, both of who have recently appeared in the new fast and furious amateur event the Snooker Legends 900 on TV – as Cuestars was highly recommended for its Cuestars Academy app, which has a string of routines for players of all levels to help build their games.

The event was sponsored by Parris Cues.

Reigning Welsh Open Champion professional Joe Perry is the Cuestar’s Ambassador and has already said that Cuestars should be emulated across the UK.

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