Cuestars Appoint Top Pro as First Ambassador in 2022…

Cuestars Appoint Top Pro as First Ambassador in 2022…

THE GENTLEMAN JOE PERRY has proudly become the first Ambassador for the Amateur Snooker Organization Cuestars, which is steadily growing in popularity in the south of England. 

The news comes as World Snooker Tour also announced last week a trial of a new system where pros on the World Snooker Tour will now pocket a standard 20K fixed income to help through the tough economic times ahead.]

But for the amateurs on the Cuestars, the aim of the game on the Under-21 tour is to just enjoy the moments of playing and the feelings of winning a trophy, as well as being happy to be able to do something they love.

Perry (pictured in an exhibition earlier this year with Mark King at the Surrey Snooker Academy in West Byfleet, Surrey, UK), 48, and a winner of the Welsh Open last season, has become a fixed face on the Cuestars circuit in the last months.

He has kindly invited youngsters on the Under-21 tour daring to dream of pro status back to his house to offer some worldly wisdom and training. See twitter…

He told the Cuestars website of the appointment:

“I’ve always been very keen to follow amateur snooker, especially at junior level, because – of course – it’s where most of us start that special journey.

“Cuestars is probably the best example of junior snooker from beginner level to almost professional standard and is a model that many should try to emulate. That’s why it was a very easy decision for me to take on this role as ambassador.

“I will seek to give advice, guidance and encouragement to all the players involved and hopefully be part of the incredible journey of becoming a professional snooker player.

Although with a busy schedule on the WST, Perry’s duties will be to offer training and advice where he can and attend the annual Under-21 Championship Day or send another professional if not able to attend.

Should any of the youngsters go all the way and make it on the WST, he has offered to be a mentor in the future.

Speaking after the second trip to Perry’s, Cuestars director John Hunter said: “Joe again provided an amazing day for our players. The boys did us proud.”

If you follow and practice some of the Cuestars routines in the Cuestars Academy, you will not go wrong.

New routines and training are added to the Academy all the time! Like this one below…

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