Cuestars 2022: Marcos Dayao Dug Deep to Claim Championship Tour…

Cuestars 2022: Marcos Dayao Dug Deep to Claim Championship Tour…

A THRILLED AND TALENTED MARCOS DAYAO made up for a disappointing last season by claiming the top of the Cuestars Championship Tour rankings despite not having won an event this season.

Dayao and Lilly in the final leg of Championship Tour…(Photo screenshot from Dayao’s Facebook page)

The 22-year-old from Battersea Park clinched the title in the seventh and final leg at Greenbaize Snooker Club, Bournemouth and has appeared in three finals this season – and was a consistent player during the amateur season.

Dayao finished runner-up on the Cuestars Under-21 Gold Tour in his last season on the junior circuit when professional Jamie Wilson (Havant) overtook him by reaching the final of the closing event in Swindon.

Determined to bounce back, he competed in all eight tournaments this season and reached three finals.

He told the Cuestars website run by John Hunter and Tim Dunkley: “I’ve been very consistent with my game, especially my break building.

“Even though I haven’t won a single Cuestars event this season, as there are talented players in the field, I had to dig deep and get wins under my belt.

“I’m pleased and hopefully there’s more to come next season.”

He wrote on Facebook after and quipped about his final defeat to Fareham’s Dharminder Lilly: ”

Well Done to the Twitch King himself Dharminder Lilly (who ploughed through a massive field in the Woking Cuestars Seniors event a couple of weeks ago) who beat me up in yesterday’s Cuestars Championship Tour Final up in Bournemouth! You played extremely well and I don’t know how you still pot balls when you keep twitching shots. It amazes me 😂

Not only did I reach the final, but I’ve also won the Cuestars Rankings throughout the season, 2021/22. Even though I haven’t won a single event this season, I was getting the decent results and I had to dig deep throughout the season. I will also receive a trophy too, as I’m thrilled and pleased!
Lilly has won no less than 9 Cuestars titles including the Championship Tour rankings in 2020/21.
Cuestars provides great opportunities for players of all abilities and ages to compete in friendly but competitive tournaments run by coach and very good player John Hunter, and Tim Dunkley.
SnookerZone interviewed coach John Hunter when he achieved a 147 in his fifties.


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