Could a Junior Series of the 900 Snooker Be Coming Soon?

Could a Junior Series of the 900 Snooker Be Coming Soon?

ANT PARSONS has scooped Week Six of the fast and furious 900 Snooker.

The Guisborough man also managed to claim the title on Monday, so it has been a good week for the 44-year-old.

Parsons, a finalist in the 2014 English Amateur Championship, was Monday’s champion, seeing off veteran former pro-Les Dodd in the final who both had a crack at winning Wednesday’s title.

With the 900 becoming so popular, calls for more spin-off events are being potentially put on the table  – with potentially calls for a Junior Series and a Women’s Series.

A call for a Junior Series would be a great idea, as youngsters would be able to get an early taster of what it’s like playing in front of the TV cameras, and how to cope with the intensity of it.

SnookerZone believes that one reason not a lot of players come through from the junior scene is that when they get onto the main stage, they haven’t had enough experience or “tasters” of that main stage to be able to cope with the “pressure”. Events like the 900 Snooker could improve on that plus give a chance for everyone to experience what it’s like!

We all saw in week four how tough it was when Woking snooker star Jasmine Bolsover, who is now World no 24 on the updated rankings women list, was involved in a blue-ball shootout with Canadian’s Vito Puopolo.

So far, the 900 events have given a wide variety of players the chance to compete in front of the TV cameras and to gain some TV experience of playing to a wide audience on Sporty Stuff.

It has been one of the best things to have come out of the amateur game for a long time.

From talented females like Emma Parker and Jasmine – to World Disability star David Church, players are loving the limelight and gaining that invaluable experience.

This could be the start of something very big indeed for amateur snooker if a Junior Series was indeed in the pipeline.

Going since September 19, the 900 has already provided drama, talking points, both on and off the table, as well as former professional Lee Richardson’s taste in unusual shirt combos.

The snooker has been tasty too!

With £6,000 per week in prize money “The 900” is the biggest thing to happen on Tv for Amateur Snooker in years.

It will see 25 nights of live snooker on Sporty Stuff TV broadcast Monday to Wednesday every night.

The eight weekly winners will then contest the Grand Final on November 16 in a one-off special.

All events will be staged in the Stephen Hendry Matchroom at the Crucible Club in Reading with a total prize fund in excess of £50,000.

Weekly winners so far include…

  • Week Six – Ant Parsons – 44
  • Week five – Philip Williams – 55
    Week four – Alfie Lee – 19
    Week three – Andrew Higginson – 44
    Week two – Aaron Canavan – 47
    Week one – Andrew Norman – 42

As you can see from the winners, only Alfie Lee is the youngest of the bunch, with the rest being over 40.

Week seven will see the BIG BEAST Michael Holt enter the fray in the 900.

Holt, who got relegated from the Tour has been making a name outside of the pro tour with his coaching channel on Youtube and coaching career.

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