Controversial Snooker Shootout 2019 Pots Off…

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The fast and furious Snooker Shootout 2019 potted off yesterday and always provides fans with tons of drama.

This edition has already provided some controversial talking points. It started yesterday with Ricky Walden playing a 12-year-old Welsh prospect in Liam James Davies, who was given a tough lesson on his taster of the professional scene as Walden, 36, winner of 3 ranking tournaments, racked the 12th ton of the Shootout’s history, a 132. The Pinner potter Martin Gould holds the highest break of a Shootout with a 135.

There was another teenager playing in the event, from Belgium, prospect Ben Mertens, who put on a great show against the Thai legend James Wattana, who very nearly pulled off a comeback against the 14-year-old, but Wattana was too late to pot the last pink and so Mertens landed into the last 64!

Whirlwind V Reanne Evans

But the highlight of the day was the 10-time ranking event winner Jimmy White play Dudley’s 11-time World Champion Reanne Evans. It was a nervy frame from both with the spotlight on both – as Reanne showed glimpses of her talent. Unfortunately, a miscue on the black and a spot of messy safety saw Jimmy come through the match in the end. Jimmy is fighting to keep his tour card.

The Snooker Shootout Rules

  • Frames last 10 mins
  • There’s a 15-second shot clock on the first five, and then a 10 second on the last five mins
  • Players lag for the break – closest to the cushion wins break
  • If a foul is committed, the cue ball can be placed anywhere on the table, unlike in normal snooker where it has to be placed in the D area.
  • A ball must hit a cushion – so players can’t just trickle up to balls to snooker their opponent

That’s not all! As yet more drama will unfold on Friday, with another talented female player Emma Parker will be playing in the evening session of the Shootout.

This edition has seen many amateurs playing in the event with the prize of 32K on offer for the winner and ranking points. Defending champion Michael Georgiou successfully won his first match.

It’s still the most controversial event on the calendar as fans are mixed about whether it should be a ranking event or not.

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