Spot and correct flaws quicker: Become your own coach!

Spot and correct flaws quicker: Become your own coach!

Improve your game by downloading the Coach’s Eye app for iPhone so you can spot and correct your own technical flaws – now…

Do you get frustrated when you go to play because you can’t watch yourself back after so you can analyse properly and improve your own game? I bet you do, right?

When playing sports, it’s vital that in practice sessions, you can watch back what you’re doing and spot your own flaws and then correct them – every time.

Well, that problem is now solved!

Introducing Coach’s Eye for iPhone.

If you’re wanting to see on video what you’re doing up close and personal, then downloading the app will be the best fiver you’ll ever spend.

Coach’s Eye enables you to look at old, new and current videos to see what your technique was and then analyse via the app. You can see firsthand what you were doing wrong. You can even look at youtube URL videos!

In snooker, that could be a whole manner of flaws.

  • Maybe your cue arm wasn’t vertical!
  • Maybe your head moved on the shot…
  • Maybe you didn’t deliver the cue straight…
  • Maybe you jabbed on the shot?
  • Maybe you didn’t get through the ball enough?

Whatever the reason, Coach’s Eye will enable you to spot errors and correct them for next time.

How Coach’s Eye Works…

The app is like a camera, but you’re also able to import previous videos from your camera roll to watch back what you did. You can then draw shapes on key parts of the footage and pause to look at what was going on!

As you can see in the image above, you can draw shapes to illustrate key parts of your technique. For example, the red circle in the image was to highlight how much follow-through we had on the shot!

WARNING: This app should NOT be used instead of finding a great coach! It should be used in addition to having a great coach!

Meet a top coach here…

You can become your own critic of your game, but put right what you see in front of you!

Here at SnookerZone, we’ll be using this app a lot more and adding to this post a video feed soon with one of our future practice sessions. 

So keep coming back to see if we posted a video…

In the meantime, search the app store to download the Coach’s Eye app now…


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