Class of 92 Still Going Strong in 2021…

Class of 92 Still Going Strong in 2021…

How the Class of ’92 Continues to Dominate Snooker,  20 Years Later…

With snooker coming up to its busiest time in the season, from September to Christmas, how many titles will the class of 92 pick up this side of the year?

In today’s world, different people engage in various sports. While some people prefer to play Odin Infinity Reels at Platincasino, others prefer to participate in a thrilling round of snooker. Concerning the latter, it’s one of the most popular cue sports across the entire world.

Snooker has helped to nurture the careers of many players in the past decades. The most prominent ones include the trio that was part of the famously known class of ’92.

Let’s discuss these three top snooker players and their accomplishments since turning pro in 92.

Class of ’92

The Class of ’92 is composed of three top snooker players who started playing the sport professionally in 1992. They include the trio of Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Williams, and John Higgins, who have dominated the game for over 25 years. Combined, these players have won 26 championship titles in the 90s. Today, they’re still displaying their resilience by winning snooker tournaments and staying on the top of the rankings.

O’Sullivan won a sixth World title in a pandemic year 2020…

Ronnie O’Sullivan won his sixth World title in a pandemic year in 2020…

Ronnie or Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan is considered to be one of the best snooker players in sports history. O’Sullivan won 7 of the total 26 titles accumulated by the trio in the 1990s. Among them is the UK Snooker Championship of 1993, where he made history as the youngest player of all time to win a ranking title. On top of that, he still holds that record to this day. In 1997, he also won another UK championship as well as a Masters trophy in 1995 when he played against his fellow rival John Higgins.

Ronnie has credited his longevity in the game into his 40s to his determination to keep fit and to pick and choose events he plays in.

In the 2020 year when he won his sixth World title, he was more or less playing in everything because most of the events were based in Milton Keynes due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

John Higgins reached three World finals well into his 40s…

John Higgins
Although Higgins has lost three World finals since 2017, he still sets a high bar for Scottish players coming through the ranks…

John Higgins was the most impressive of the three during the 90s. He won 12 of the total 26 ranking titles hence equalling the combined efforts of Williams and O’Sullivan. In 1994, Higgins proved to be a pro when he won three ranking championship titles in one season. In addition, he also went on to secure the UK and World championships in 1998 as well as the Masters in 1999.

Higgins is a formidable all-around player and has survived because of his tactical nouse from the amateur days.

Mark Williams won his third World title in 2018 – 15 years after his second…

Even at 46, Williams is still picking up ranking titles, his 24th won recently the British Open this new season.


Just like O’Sullivan, Williams won 7 ranking titles in the 90s. However, his greatest victories began with the Welsh Open in 1996. He started showing his prowess in the game when he reached the WSC’s semi-finals in 1998 and later the finals in 1999. However, the icing on the cake to his career was when he won the UK championship title that same year. Up to date, Williams still dominates top rankings.

He is considered to be the best single-ball potter in the game.

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The famous Class of ’92 players have certainly shown their prowess in snooker for a long time now. Although they are now well over 40 years old, the trio still commands the respect they deserve. Apart from that, they have definitely made an impact on young aspiring snooker players.

The most notable thing about these legends is the feats that they accomplished at such young ages. In their early twenties, they had already started displaying excellent gameplay, something which takes many players years to perfect. This means they’ve really set the bar high for those making their way into the snooker scene.

It is unlikely that there will ever be a trio that can create longevity in the game as this trio of talents has achieved in snooker.

And these players have stood the test of time, because they have learned the art of winning 10 times over.

Judd Trump is one of the few modern players to have made his own history in the game, by scooping six ranking titles in a season and then following it up the next with five.

How much history can Judd Trump make in this era?

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