Choosing and chalking up…

Choosing and chalking up…


Is snooker chalk presentation now going over the top, or is it because customers are demanding more and more from products they buy?

Century snooker chalk: Is the presentation a little over the top?

Gone are the days now where you just get 12 cubes of standard chalk in a box and that’s it for the price of a Frappucino.

Now, chalk has to be presented elegantly, like you were giving someone an expensive gift, like a piece of jewelry.

That’s what brands such as Taom and Century are doing now – producing chalk that has style as well as substance.

What is great now about snooker and chalk is there is now a plethora of choice on the market. You don’t have to just settle for Triangle.

But it comes at a cost.

The advice from SnookerZone, having reviewed lots of chalk now, would be to think about what you need the chalk for – what need or benefit will it do for you?

If you want long-lasting chalk that is clean and helps prevent kicks, then Taom is a good choice.

Taom Pyro
Taom Pyro: Pyro means “”FIRE”” HEAT OR CHEMISTRY…

If you want a chalk where you don’t want to chalk your cue very often, then choose either QTec’s Q chalk, or Russian Magic.

QTec’s Q chalk is a great chalk for the simple reason you don’t need to chalk on EVERY SHOT with it.

If you simply want to chalk up in style, and impress your mates (or show off) then Century would be the one. Century produce quality products, but the presentation for SnookerZone was a little over the top on this one.

If you just want to go to the club with a standard piece of chalk, and you’re not interested in the bells and whistles, then, you know what to do!

We’ll be revisiting chalks again and trying out the PYRO chalk properly after LOCKDOWN IN ENGLAND has ended in one month’s time.



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