Carrooka Makers Could Host First Ever World Championships in 2023…

Carrooka Makers Could Host First Ever World Championships in 2023…

Practice your Carrooka skills and you could be a World Champion flicker soon as soon as September?

Carrooka is a snooker style board game created by a husband and wife team and the idea was born out during the first lockdown where time was spent drumming up ideas for business ventures from Jack and George Furnival.

Carooka is a combination of skill and wit and invented in Leek, the game seeks to blend in the skill of snooker and potentially in the pipeline is the aim to create a World Carrooka Championship 2023.

There are plans in the pipeline to host the first ever World Championship Carrooka experience in their home town of Leek in Staffordshire.

SnookerZone caught up with George Furnival and she said: “

Jack hunted around for a decent home Snooker game, but he couldn’t find anything of good quality for a tiny home. Instead, he stumbled upon the ancient Indian game of Carrom- said to be the pre-cursor to Billiards and Snooker. After playing exactly two games, Jack decided he could invent something better by combining the counter-flicking dexterity style of Carrom with the rules and style of Snooker.”

She added: “Jack- an experienced cabinet maker, began to play with wooden boards that could sit on a dining table, where you flick snooker coloured counters into pockets. But it wasn’t a relaxing experience, there was too much walking around the table to reach the next shot. So George suggested making the board rotate;. Jack mounted the board onto a lazy susan, gave it a spin and the corners immediately knocked his pint off the table. Back to the drawing board, “I realised if the board was circular, it could rotate in its own space and keep our beer glasses safe!” The turning point for the game, came quite literally by making it turn. “As soon as I made a round board, it became an absolutely brilliant game. We called it Carrooka to reflect its roots as a combination of Carrom and Snooker”

2021 saw the invention emerge from the shadows. They gave up their day jobs and decided to go full time with making the Carrooka boards.

They now ship to 15 different countries.

Jack spent 20 years enjoying a game of snooker once a week at his local club and they love watching a match sometimes in the evenings on the TV.

George Furnival added re their enterprise…

”We would love to get a board to a professional snooker player to see how the skills transpose! And we’re both far better Carrooka players than snooker players.”

See the website here for the Carrooka experience.



Good luck to the couple in getting their World Championship up and running.

Images courtesy of George Furnival.

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