Byfleet League Update: Woking Teams…

Byfleet League Update: Woking Teams…

RESULTS have now all come in for the weekly Byfleet League matches and SnookerZone, a loyal member, and friend of Woking likes to keep an eye on the Woking teams and their progress.

Premier Division…

In what appears to be a tough field of teams, the Woking teams in the PD, appear to be struggling, but there is still time for things to turn around with just two weeks to go until Christmas and 8 weeks after.

On the other side of Christmas into 2024, the Woking teams in the PD have plenty of time to lift themselves up the table with the 8 weeks to go until the season finishes.

It is a sorry sight to see Woking D at the bottom of the table as SnookerZone reads it at this time of reading, especially with their star player the 900 star and World No 14 Jasmine Bolsover at the helm.

Jasmine is a great player and SnookerZone remembers her potting a delightful ball along the rail at the Woking Snooker Coaching Day with Emma Parker, another talented player who has been fearless on the Exhibition Circuit, much earlier on this year, which got a round of applause from the crowd there at the time.

Woking A, who has the 900 snooker star and billiard ace Ryan Mears, who is a snooker jet setter and has won a plethora of local amateur titles, unfortunately, lost 6 – 0 to West Byfleet A, but Woking D put in a solid performance to draw 3 – 3 in their match with Windlesham Club.

Woking R drew with Chertsey.

This means that Woking R are above Woking A in the table after their surprising defeat this week.

Woking A’s Ryan Mears still has the highest break of the season so far with a 125. Well done Ryan.

Woking C and B in Division 1…

Woking B are running away with the lead in Division 1 of the League as SnookerZone looks, as they have a healthy points advantage over second-place team Egham Club A.

SnookerZone spoke to Kelvin Jones, the Chairman of The Byfleet League and he said this of the current form of Woking B in the League in Div 1 who have current six six zero wins this season.

Jones said: “The record is 8 by Woking Snooker Centre A in the 2011-2012 season over 24 matches. This season runs over 21 matches so it would be an even bigger achievement if George’s team beat it. Ironically, Paul Bunyard, already featured on SnookerZone, was in the 2011 team and made the league’s highest recorded break of 139. He plays in George’s team this season. I think they will better 8 but who knows! “

He added that the highest score that a team has won by in the League is 22. Jones remarked: “They will demolish that record.”

Woking C, who graduated from the Division 2 League a couple of years ago under Ivan Astin, and has played in Division 1 for the past year, are third in the League, just two points behind Egham Club A – so it is all to play for there!

Peter Butler, who had a high break of 63 when SnookerZone first reported on the League, and Ivan Monchukoushvy are the remaining members of the original Woking C team under Ivan Astin, as Dalton Lawrence, a star on the World Disability Tour and Social Media star Terry T came into the fray to replace Adam Hill et al.

Paul Bunyard of Woking B has the highest break so far in the Division with a 104.

As what I thought was an “old snooker friend in Woking C use to say,” “Up the Woking.”

Keep going Woking teams!






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