Byfleet League Host First Ever Successful Snooker Shootout in 2022…

Byfleet League Host First Ever Successful Snooker Shootout in 2022…

PAUL MORRISON (right) scooped the first-ever Byfleet League Snooker Shootout hosted for the first time at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey over the weekend. 

The 32-person event saw an action-packed day on Saturday of fast and furious snooker where players pitted their wits against not only an opponent but also the dreaded shot clock.

Based on the World Professional Ranking Event, the Snooker Shootout sees players play ten-minute intense frames against a 15-second shot clock and a 10-second clock after five minutes.

The Shootout has become a popular event hosted at snooker clubs across the country as clubs try to embrace new formats to get people interested in playing the game and picking up a cue.

George Heatley, the event organizer, wrote on Facebook after: “A massive thankyou to everyone involved. Whether it was playing, spectating, heckling, or refereeing. The event was played in great spirit, and many laughs were had and everyone seemed to enjoy getting in on the action.”

A string of top amateurs from the Byfleet League turned up as well as a few non-league members who all enjoyed the fun-packed day which saw the event LIVE STREAMED for fans on the Woking Snooker Centre Facebook page.

Ryan Mears, a snooker jet-setter, managed to claim the high break prize – with a 48 – and the winner Paul Morrison just missed out by one point after making a fantastic clearance in the final to win.

SnookerZone writer Chris Gaynor, a non-league player, but dedicated member of the club, played in the event, and said: “It was a great day. Watching some players cope easily with the pressure of the shot clock was inspiration in itself. This was the first time I had played in an event like this and thoroughly enjoyed the experience – and I would recommend players enter events like this to help further improve their games and understand how difficult it is to play against a clock. It’s not as easy as it looks!”

He added: “I look forward to many more events like this at the club in the future.”

The event was in aid of the charity The Jubilee Sailing Trust, a charity that provides action and adventure on the ship Tenacious, and is close to Club Manager Peter Ruddick’s heart.

Over £500 pounds was raised for the cause – £520.

(photo screenshot from George Heatley’s Facebook)



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