How to get your confidence back: Watch and do this…

How to get your confidence back: Watch and do this…

So, here’s the thing:

I had been losing confidence lately in my snooker and my mind was all over the place!

It just felt like I had never held a cue before!

Really frustrating!

I bet that has happened to you, right? 

So, I decided to hook up again with my coach Brian Cox, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, and, guess what, after that two-hour lesson, I was back on it again!

So, what did he do that sparked my confidence? 

Answer. He got me potting balls with my eyes closed! 

Yep. It’s crazy, but it worked!

If you can pot balls with your eyes closed, then you’re gradually building up confidence in your…

  • ====>Aiming
  • ====>Cueing
  • ====>Following through the ball
  • ====>And positional play

[bctt tweet=”Try this exercise with different shots, from long pots to short ones. Try the exercise with tough balls on the cushion. Believe it or not, you’ll be surprised at how many you’ll pot doing it.  Madness I know!” username=”@chrisgaynor2″]

It gets you to trust your aiming and cueing.

Once you feel confident potting balls with your eyes closed, you’ll have less of a problem potting balls with your eyes wide open!

Also, the exercise was beneficial for positional play.

Cox said the reason I was low on confidence was that my mind was too focused on where the cue ball was going and not the object ball. 

I literally had lost trust with what I was doing!

And, in this video, watch what happened! Try it yourself. 


PS: This wasn’t a fluke. Cox got me to practice a wide variety of shots in the lesson and we even made a 20 plus break in doing so!

So, now it’s your turn. 

Is there someone you know that’s losing confidence in their game and needs a boost? 

Share this post now and also tell me, what other things do you do like this when you are losing confidence? 

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