Brazilian Snooker Star Scoops World Seniors 2024…

Brazilian Snooker Star Scoops World Seniors 2024…

BRAZIL is known for its top footballing icons of past and present – with the likes of Pele and Ronaldinho.

However, one such unlikely sporting star from Brazil, wowed the Crucible crowd over the weekend at snooker as Igor Figueiredo took to the stage at the UK’s iconic snooker venue.

The 46-year-old from Rio defeated the Irishman Ken Doherty 5 – 2 to scoop a maiden World title and to put Brazil firmly on the snooker map for that country.

He had met Doherty before in the UK Seniors Championship but lost out to Doherty.

The Brazilian has been a professional on the main tour on three separate occasions.

In commentary, the likes of John Virgo and co said that Igor was playing better than ever despite being relegated from the main professional tour.

1997 World Champion Ken Doherty was eager to add to his illustrious amateur and professional career by scooping the World Seniors title – along with his World Professional title and his World Junior and World Amateur titles.

Doherty started off the match in impressive form but it was Figueiredo who was the stronger of the two players in the best-of-9-frames thriller.

The World Seniors saw some great matches overall, with Jimmy White as one of the favourites expected to lift the trophy over the four days. White managed to scrape through his first round with Andrew Norman.

There was the humour and charisma of Thailand’s Dechawat Poomjaeng, and Tessa Davidson became the first woman to win a frame at the Seniors event and put on a great performance for the World Women’s Snooker tour showcasing the snookering talent on offer on the tour.

The World Seniors Tour gives a variety of players the opportunity to play competitively with those daring to dream of playing at iconic venues such as The Crucible or at other main venues across the UK and beyond.

Andrew Norman, an English Amateur Finalist twice who made his debut at the Crucible, wrote on Facebook after his narrow loss to Jimmy White in the first round…

“My first ever chance to experience playing at The Crucible and what a day it was.”

“Walking out of the famous tunnel and waving to the crowd was an absolute joy and playing in the arena felt strangely very and comfortable if a little nervy but I handled it well though I admit my heart was pounding and my grip hand was clammy to say the least.”

He added: “Being my first time, I never knew how I would play under the conditions and the TV spotlight but I expected a few misses and rash shots along the way.

Figueredo’s win comes on the back of a great win for Kyren Wilson, and the two players are a great advert for the sport as it is a break from the norm of the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan et al continually winning.

Wilson has cemented his name as one of the leading figures in the sport now having scooped a World title.


In the fourth quarter of 2023, there were estimated to be around 11,000 professional sports players in the United Kingdom, compared with 12,300 in the previous quarter, according to Statista.

Well done to everyone who competed at The Crucible this year and good luck to those competing in QSchool this year. 


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