Big News for Women’s Snooker in 2022…

Big News for Women’s Snooker in 2022…

The US Women’s Open held in Seattle in August is to be sponsored by the tech giant, Microsoft. Yes, you heard that!

Tech giant Microsoft and Littman Lights will sponsor the new US Women’s Open snooker event to be held in Ox Billiards.

It’s the first time a major tech company has been involved in snooker, as fans and players on Twitter reacted to the news with shock!

With its headquarters based in Redmond, Washington, just 15 miles east of Seattle, the company is ideally placed to support this major new event.

Littman Lights is a major supplier of specialist bespoke lighting for pool tables based on Oregon, United States. With its products used by the likes of Shane Van Boening, Sky Woodward, Allison Fisher and Nick Varner, Littman Lights offer a wide range of lighting solutions for tables of all sizes.

Mandy Fisher, WWS President said: “This sponsorship represents a major milestone for World Women’s Snooker ahead of the first staging of the US Women’s Snooker Open. To receive the backing of a company of the stature of Microsoft and Littman Lights is fantastic and I would like to thank both for their support.”

Added by Mike Dominguez…

Mike Dominguez of Ox Billiards said: “We are delighted to have both Microsoft and Littman Lights on board for the staging of this tournament. Both organisations are Pacific Northwest in origin and major supporters of inclusivity in sports and other parts of life. It is great to have their support to build women’s snooker in America.”

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