Benzey Brilliance in Tuesday’s 900 Week Four…

Benzey Brilliance in Tuesday’s 900 Week Four…

TALENTED CUEIST Connor Benzey marched through Tuesday’s draw of the fast and furious amateur shootout the 900 displaying an air of brilliance in the final.

The 21-year-old, who has plenty of experience playing in front of the TV spotlight, including in the Snooker Shootout and English Open when he was 18; sailed through the final frame knocking in a cool 65 break to put himself into a good position for Finals night on Wednesday.

Ryan Davies and Connor Benzey will be challengers for the former Shootout winner Michael Holt, who may well still come through as the overall winner of week four season two of the 900.

The overall winner will go into the Grand Finals in a few weeks time with the chance to pocket a hefty £10,000 first prize and the title of Snooker Legends 900 2023 champion with a new winner on the board.

Lee the Shirt Richardson told Rachel Casey and Neal Foulds…

”Great player. Great player.”

He walks into the shot so naturally. You can tell with some players they walk into the shot trying to line it up, but he just walks in naturally. Great technique. “

He added: “He does it so well.”

Neal Foulds added he didn’t like seeing players who are over coached.

‘There’s a natural flow to his game. Lovely to see.”

Benzey is apparently coached by Neil Johnson, a reputable coach from Liverpool at Scotties Snooker – SnookerZone has mentioned Johnson before on this website.

There is the draw for the exciting conclusion to week four on Wednesday.

PS: Connor Benzey has his own website with all his details and is seeking more sponsorship.

Go here now to see his list of achievements to date…

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