Most beginners who first use the rest fear it because it can be quite an intimidating piece of equipment when you first use it. But, once you practice with it, and have the right technique, you will become fearless and actually enjoy using it.

To get you started here’s six handy tips:

  • When you get the rest out, adopt your normal standing position as you would as if you were standing with your cue. Once you’ve seen the potting angle, slide the rest (and your cue) onto the table onto that line with your cue on the rest. Hold the rest down firm with your opposite hand and make sure it’s solid and won’t slide around the table.
  • When you grip your cue, ensure your first finger and thumb are wrapped around the cue and that the badge logo of the cue is showing. this simple grip is vital as it will give you stability. Don’t hold your fingers at the very end of the butt!
  • Make sure the rest head is not too far away from the cue ball. You want to have it one and a half hands away from the cue ball. Enough so you can follow through as you would on a normal shot without the rest. Practice moving the rest close up and even touching the cue ball to get a feel of how far the rest is from it! That’s the only way you’ll know how close the rest is to the cue ball.
  • When feathering your cue along the rest, it’s important you adopt the same consistent featherings as you would a normal shot. For me, that’s normally three feathers and then a nice pause at the end. Get a feel for the cue moving up and down!
  • Make sure your eyes focus on the cue ball during this phase. It’s vital that you know that you are striking the cue ball where you’re aiming! Look at the end to the object ball, and then deliver.
  • Finally, extend the arm on delivery! Don’t jab! You want to extend the arm as smooth as possible and watch the ball to the pocket! What happened?

Even if you don’t have a table, you can do this to practice your rest play!

Even if you can’t get to a snooker table, there are still ways of practicing with a rest at home. SnookerZone does this regularly on the kitchen table. It includes buying a rest head, and if you’ve got an old cue, hooking it up and using it as the rest for the practice. Simple, eh?

Or, you can buy a full rest below…

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Enjoy your rest play!