Become a Sponsor of SnookerZone…

Become a Sponsor of SnookerZone…

Help grow local/amateur snooker and gain exposure for your business. It’s a win-win.

SnookerZone is seeking out sponsorship by reputable and like-minded companies who share a passion for the promotion of cue sports and would like to share in the journey of SnookerZone as well.
We’ve gone from 0 – 10K and are growing all the time.
Sponsorship would include all year-around promotion of your business with regular write-ups and also offline promotion where appropriate.

Sponsor the owner of the website CHRIS GAYNOR for the local handicap tournaments in Woking…

We also play in a local handicap event at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey every Saturday and have our own promotional off-line tee shirts and polos which we can use to promote logo spots as well.
Or, if you want to sponsor us for a handicap event over just one month, we can organize a logo spot for that.

We want to grow local/amateur snooker just like you…

We’re looking to get more businesses on board to help promote local snooker and try to up the standard and exposure of the local and amateur game. 
With a business like yours involved, it shows the world that businesses are willing to help their community and, of course, help local players improve and develop further.
This is not essentially about taking a player and turning them into pros, but getting more support for the amateur game whilst getting exposure for businesses who are willing to help gain the game MORE exposure. 
SnookerZone has done and continues to do his bit for the game he loves. Now it’s your turn…

If it sounds promising, or you want to find out more about it and the fees involved, then…

Contact us here now.

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Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a writer with 10 years' experience writing for the web. He loves snooker, CSI and loves cycling off tiramisu!