Bai Basks in British Open Triumph 2023…

Bai Basks in British Open Triumph 2023…

Chinese snooker superstar Bai Yulu has scooped the final event of the World Women’s Snooker Tour season defeating the twelve times World Champion Reanne Evans 4 – 3 in a closely contested final at what has been described as a great venue, the Landywood Snooker Club.

In what has been a triumphant season for many female players on the tour, Bai has emerged as a blooming Chinese star with her fantastic final appearance in the World Women’s Championship a couple of months ago.

The 19-year-old has been a female trailblazer of the Chinese female snooker stars opposite the Hong Kong superstar NG On Yee as players from Asia continue to flourish on the World Women’s Snooker Tour.

It was a disappointing result, however, for Thailand’s Mink Nutcharut, who managed the Last 16, but with now a close competitive group of Asian players, all vying for the top spots in the charts, it will be a close call next season.


On UK shores, there are still some very promising talents emerging from the shadows, as well as some of the usual suspects still holding their ground on the tour.

The but one Welsh player, Laura Evans, 38, excelled to the Quarter-finals at Landywood and has had at least four quarter-final appearances in the last two years.

Leah Humphrey, 37, a promising talent, who has been having lessons with the Hitman Michael Holt, has been particularly showing signs of promise as she almost defeated tour pro-Rebecca Kenna in the group stages of the event.

There was a mighty battle between the top stars Reanne Evans and NG On Yee, as they were battling to secure a two-year tour card with Reanne Evans coming out on top.

Leah Humphrey, from Portsmouth, wrote on Twitter: ‘My work on the practice table is paying off. Had my chances to beat Kenna. but the run of the ball went against me. Working with Hitman Holt has really helped me improve and compete against a main tour pro.’

The World Women’s Snooker tour has blossomed into a growing success, as the past year and a half or so has seen many players grow in different areas of events.

Players have showcased their talents on TV in the likes of the Snooker Legends 900, and the World Mixed Doubles.

The tour has had a mixture of experience and rising talent and that can only grow in the future.

SnookerZone has said it before, but there are many players who in the future may well be lifting the big trophies including the likes of Emma Parker, Jasmine Bolsover, and others who show plenty of promise for the future and with the help of Coaching Days set up around the country, like the ones in Surrey a couple of months back, more female talent can only emerge.

Screenshot from World Women’s Snooker FB page.


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