How 1 Snooker Club is Pulling Them in….

Calling ALL snooker clubs…

So, how do you hook people into snooker and/or pool and get them into clubs playing?

  • Tournaments?
  • Coaching?
  • Fun routines in practice?
  • Meeting and greeting your idols in exhibitions?


One club in Farnborough in Hampshire, The Sovereign, is doing this…

Similarly, based on the “six reds” shootout style in the Ultimate Pool Series, SnookerZone imagines you’d get quite a few wanting to have a go at that and coming from far a far to have a go – especially if there is a £200 prize pot on offer for the fastest timed clearance!

So, what could you do for snooker then?

  • Fastest colours clearance?
  • Fastest one to clear all 15 reds?

With a little creativity…

The World is your Oyster!




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