Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner – Review…

Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner – Review…

Clean and shine your snooker and billiard balls in under 10 mins – EVERY TIME…

Cleaning SnookerZone’s snooker balls was quick and easy

So, you’ve purchased snooker balls, and you’ve been playing with them down the club for a while now.

Your next task is to clean them. Now, one way you can do that, that is cost-effective, is using fairy liquid and lukewarm water.

It is MORE time-consuming, though.

Another way is by using the product Aramith Ball Cleaner which comes in 250ml and is made in Belgium by Aramith. SnookerZone received it yesterday and cleaned his snooker balls with it straight after.

We had heard a lot about it, but wanted to see for ourselves so we could review for SnookerZone.

When we first opened the bottle, the smell surprised. It smelt sweet, like grapefruit!

Nice smell lol!

Cleaning your snooker balls is simple with it.

snooker ball
You’ll notice a difference when you clean your set with the Ball Cleaner…

Shake the bottle well before use. Then gently squeeze a slight amount of the white stuff onto the ball.

Rub it around with a decent microfiber cloth for a few seconds and then leave.

Rinse and repeat.

Once you’ve done all 22 balls, you can then get a dry clean cloth or paper and rub again to buff to a shine.

The result: clean and shiny balls.

SnookerZone was surprised at just how shiny the balls were. And how easy it was to use and apply. In under ten minutes, we had cleaned the balls, and they looked nice and shiny.

How long should it last?

Following the guidance, and depending on how much you play, it should last awhile. Although, the guidance on the bottle says you should clean them after every time you use your balls on the table. If you’re playing every day as a very serious player, then you may well end up using it a lot.

You only need to apply a little of the cream though on each ball…

Cleaning with the Aramith Billiard Ball cleaner will take no more than ten minutes, and you will be free of the hassle of running lukewarm water in a sink and spending ages “washing” up the balls.

What do we think?

Worth the £10 if you want to save time on washing your balls manually in a sink. A bit of advice.

Get yourself a decent microfiber cloth.

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