An Ultimate Pool Exclusive for the Festive Period…

An Ultimate Pool Exclusive for the Festive Period…

The Ultimate Pool Group has organized a bumper festive gift for pool fans – just after Christmas 2021.

On the 27th – 30th of December, the Ultimate Pool Professional Cup will be live on TV on BT Sport with up to ten hours of coverage each day.

Top professionals such as The Magician Chris Melling, Gareth Potts and current UPS Champion Shane Thompson will all be on air showcasing the best of best in Ultimate Pool.

Ultimate Pool’s Chief Executive Officer Lee Kendall said:

“We want to thank BT Sport for their commitment and sharing our passion and vision for the sport of 8-ball pool.

“We’re very proud of what we have achieved within the past year and amidst a global pandemic. It has taken a lot of hard work to get the product right and fair for both the players and fans. Our audiences and appeal are now unrivalled within the sport and our deal with BT Sport is evidence of this.”

Ultimate Pool has been going a year and has showcased some of the best in pool from around the globe and has taken the game to new heights with TV coverage on Channels such as Free Sports and now the coverage of BT Sport added to the list.

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Fans have even got to watch other players like Mark Selby, a 4 time World Champion in Snooker take part in events such as the Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup, which can be seen on Freesports on 64 every Monday night for a 21-week run @6:30PM.

Rachel Knight, Sports Rights Director, BT Sport, said: “The addition of this new form of cuesport to BT Sport enhances an exciting festive period for our customers, joining live action from the Premier League involving Liverpool and Manchester City plus Gallagher Premiership Rugby and more. The new Pro Cup will be the first event that will feature all 48 Ultimate Pool professionals, and the concept of shootouts in the event of matches being drawn, alongside players having to play shots within 30 seconds are set to make the competition an exciting watch.”

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