Amateur Snooker in January 2024…

Amateur Snooker in January 2024…

IT’S HALFWAY through January, as amateur snooker returns in FULL SWING.

After Michael Holt’s successful campaign to return to the Main World Snooker Tour, it’s the first of the World Events for the rest.

The weekend sees the first of the World Events in the World Disability Snooker at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey – and sees a healthy turnout of 79 entries that’s a great line-up for the snooker at Woking. SnookerZone has promoted WDBS in the past on this website and on X/Twitter. Our Tweet promotion for the latest event is below…

LATER ON into the month, there’s the first of the World Women’s Events of the new year as the stars of the World Women’s Tour return and pit their wits against each other in The Belgian Women’s Open on January 19th to the 21st. 32 Entries for the event, with the usual Seniors, Under-21’s and PLATE.

The likes of REANNE EVANS, REBECCA KENNA, TESSA DAVIDSON, a recent winner of the Winchester for a third time, EMMA PARKER, who has been fearless on the Exhibition circuit in the last couple of years, and Hong Kong’s NG ON YEE, who made a ton in the 900, and Mary Talbot Deegan, winner of last year’s final Woemn’s ranking event, all have entered the event for The Trickshot Club in Belgium.

Good luck to those competing in the first World events of the New Year this month and enjoy!

PS: Good luck to German Open finalist Dalton Lawrence, from last year, from Woking Snooker who plays in the WDBS Events. 

PPS: SnookerZone writer/journalist Chris Gaynor emailed the WPBSA and asked if the writer/journalist of this website Chris Gaynor was eligible to play on the WDBS Tour out of interest, because of a bad bike accident shoulder injury in December 2020.

The injury, where he broke his shoulder in four places, and had to have an operation to fix everything back up again – during a COVID PANDEMIC!, left him WITHOUT FULL ROTATION of his right shoulder due to RARE BONE GROWTH that left him without the FULL ROTATION.

The doctors said there was nothing they could do for the moment until there was a breakthrough with this kind of discovery, as the PHYSIO undertaken was rendered ineffective and halted halfway through because of the discovery of why the PHYSIO wasn’t working. Chris Gaynor was actually going to be referred to in a JOURNAL OF MEDICINE for this RARE BONE GROWTH by the Consultant who had led the case.

We had been wondering whether this injury would enable us to play on the WDBS Tour for a while, or at least compete in one at Woking. He has played in many other events – like Joe Swail, who had a hearing disability but it apparently didn’t affect his snooker.

The WPBSA Rep reply was: “This may depend on the extent to which your physical impairment impacts your ability to play snooker. It may be worth you speaking to a member of the WDBS team at Woking Snooker Centre on Friday or over the weekend.”

On a quick level, the only impact this injury has had is Chris Gaynor cannot play MASSE SHOTS or HIGH SWERVE shots or indeed any shots where he has to lift his cue up at a certain height. It may affect his ability to cue through on a line of aim as the SHOULDER ANGLE is not completely straight. He has looked in a mirror to ascertain this SHOULDER ANGLE. He would like confirmation from the WDBS with a YES OR NO ANSWER to put the query to rest properly as he is not sure.

We will see…

Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a writer with 10 years' experience writing for the web. He loves snooker, CSI and loves cycling off tiramisu!