Amateur Snooker and Billiards Picks of Weekend…

Amateur Snooker and Billiards Picks of Weekend…

The English Amateur Billiards Association tournaments in the North and South happened over the weekend.

With a busy weekend of amateur snooker and billiards everywhere, the main news of the days was the great news that 16-year-old snooker talent Stan Moody, who showcased his talent last year in the Snooker Shootout, has achieved his shot at the pro ranks by scooping the World Snooker Federation Junior championships, Moody now has a two-year tour card to showcase his growing talents on the pro circuit.

Floods of fans poured into congratulate the young talent’s accomplishments, who is sponsored by Levels  in Huddersfield.

The Shaun Murphy lookalike is relishing the prospect of playing on the tour, as is, so is his “snooker dad” The Magician Shaun Murphy, who commented on the youngster’s amazing talent in The Star.

He said: “It will be great when I get to play Stan in a proper tournament on tour,” Murphy told the Star. “Having practiced already, I know he would love to stick it up me – but that’s a good problem to have.”

Billiards in the north and south…

Nathan Mann in the last 16 in the south of the English Amateur Billiards Championship at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey.

As billiards continues its growth, slowly but surely, there was a fine array of talent in the game on show at both the north and south venues.

The weekend saw billiards tournaments in Woking and Leeds as the last 32 – 16 of which were played in Woking in the south and in Leeds in the north.

These tournaments were whittled down to the last 16, where the final leg of the tournament will be played at The Cueball in Derby later this month.

Here were the players from both the north and south for the last 32, as showcased on the EABA website.

Last 16 North:
Group A. Trevor Smith, Dean Manders, Jon Marwood, Mark Hatton
Group B. Eddie Duggan, Peter Sheehan, Mark Hirst, Chris Achilles
Group C. Rob Hall, John Hughes, Matt Jackson, Tony Cooke
Group D. Geoff Brasington, Adam Clarke, Alan Norwood, Darren Kell

Last 16 South:
Group A. Nathan Mann, Martin Gawthrop, Gary Norman, Jamie Wayman
Group B. Phil Welham, Chris Taylor, Terry Azor, Chris Mitchell
Group C. Ryan Mears, Mick White, Mick Johnson, John Mullane
Group D. Mick Cooper, Mel Oakes, Matt Sutton, Geoff Barrett

Ryan Mears, a snooker and billiards jetsetter, who plays in the Premier Division of the Byfleet League for Woking A achieved a great feat in establishing the high break of the day in the competition in the south at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey, as he racked a high break he said of 148 and he won 2/3 games to qualify for the final stages at the Cueball in Derby.

Gary Norman made two century breaks of 112 and a 108.

Matches were timed and lasted 90 minutes over three sessions.

The Last 16 and last 8 will take place over two days this month on the 18th and 19th February at The Cueball.

To follow amateur billiards, go on either the EABA site, or the EABA facebook page…









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