Amateur Snooker 2022/23: Premier Development Tour Event 4…

Amateur Snooker 2022/23: Premier Development Tour Event 4…

WHILE Mark Allen celebrates a stunning comeback victory against Ding Junhui in the final of one of professional snooker’s BIGGEST events on the calendar, youngsters, daring to dream of doing the same as Allen were battling it out on the Under-21 Premier Development tour event four at the weekend.

Every youngster who picks up a cue with a desire to turn pro dreams of lifting a trophy as tall and classy as the UK Championship trophy at the event held in York, but for the youngsters yesterday it was the cerebral surroundings of Waterlooville Sports Bar in Hampshire, UK.

Just shy of 30 entries, with a maximum of 32, 28 players entered the field in Waterlooville, with a star-studded line-up of talent across the age brackets with many on the Cuestars Under-21 tour as well.

The final ended up with the talents of Bradley Cowdroy (pictured right), a young Ambassador on the Cuestars circuit, who features in many of the Cuestars Academy videos on Youtube and in the Training App. and the talented Ryan Davies (left) who is the younger brother of Aaron Davies, who plays professional pool on the Ultimate Pool circuit.

A rampant Davies apparently dropped just two frames during the day to scoop E4.

It’s his second Premier Development win this season.

Young Stan Moody, 16, who was among the field, has been featured in high-profile events as in the World Snooker Shootout and tipped as a very bright star of the future indeed.

In fact, next year, Stan Moody will be taking part in a CBBC documentary on The Format Factory, where they will be talking and following Stan’s desire to become a snooker professional.

Apparently, the makers of the documentary watched him play yesterday in Hampshire and said…

Couldn’t believe how this kid pots

Both Cowdroy and Davies are 20, with Davies rolling out a 4 – 1 winner in the end.

Davies has been having lots of success on the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards (EPSB) in the Open Series, and has so far claimed a 12th career making titles on that tour with three this season.

Event Five of the tour will be next year in Leicester.

(Photo Screenshot from EPSB website)



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