All About Taom Snooker Chalk: 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Taom Chalk
Taom snooker Chalk: Click on the image to read SnookerZone’s full review…

The new Taom snooker chalk version 2.0 continues to cause a storm in snooker – but has received great reviews on Amazon and ebay – but people still continue to type in questions into the search engines wanting to know about the chalk.

SnookerZone has already reviewed Taom chalk – and has been using it for well over nine weeks now. In fact, it’s now our chalk of choice!

Here’s the frequently asked questions that people are typing into Google about Taom. The questions are marked in red. 

What is Taom chalk?

A new chalk from creators in Finland that reduces kicks leaves hardly any mess on the table and hardly causes any miscues – which is down mostly to poor cueing from the player!

How to use Taom chalk?

Just like any other chalk, Taom is used by spreading the chalk onto the cue tip very gently and applying it frequently – every shot. When you first get Taom chalk, remember to wipe off with a tissue or cloth all other excess chalk from your cue tip so that you have all of Taom on your tip!

How long does Taom chalk last?

Depending on how much you play  – SnookerZone has been using the chalk regularly for nine weeks now and the chalk has barely scraped the surface in terms of how it looks! It looks just the same as when it was first taken out of the box!

Who uses Taom chalk?

Many top professionals are using the chalk and swear by it – and even top amateurs also as well – even some club players use it. It’s becoming the widely used chalk of choice for many players in snooker. From World Champions to club players, Taom is becoming the no 1 chalk in snooker.

Why is Taom Chalk so expensive?

If SnookerZone knew the answer to that one, he’d be rich beyond his wildest dreams! Joking apart, it’s because it is a quality product that when you try it out, you will realise why it comes at a hefty price tag! It does three things:

  • Reduces kicks

  • Doesn’t cause many miscues

  • Leaves hardly any mess on the table

You get what you pay for!

How to improve Taom chalk?  

It has received some very good feedback from reading reviews on Amazon and ebay and anywhere where people hang out and talk about snooker! One Amazon reviewer said this which is a fair point on how to improve the chalk further.

“This chalk is very decent. I’ve used it for some time now and it does not cling or gather on the cue or object balls (minimal kicks) . People state you are more prone to mis-cues but I am a firm believer this is solely down to poor technique.
I will continue to use this chalk but I would really love it if they made a square version. I find it doesn’t sit too well in the pocket or chalk pouch as a result of it being round and more often get it on my fingers and hands unnecessarily.”

Tony Ursin
Click on the image to read SnookerZone’s interview with Taom chalk creator Toni Ursin!