Advertise your product or brand on SnookerZone for further exposure…

Here’s just a few facts about why your brand could get much more exposure by being advertised on our site.

First, SnookerZone was established in the summer of 2018 – initially as a small product review site to share information to those who didn’t know what products were about in snooker.





Since then, it has grown into a much bigger brand that has been getting some great comments and support from a wide variety of people across the snooker community.

We recently sponsored the high break prize over four weeks of £50 to Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey, the club where we play, in collaboration to help get their handicap tournaments back up and running after the long 15 months of snooker clubs being closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

SnookerZone became a trend setter…

Our sponsorship of the high break prize at Woking started a trend as other companies have lined up to sponsor the handicap tournaments since!


Some more stats and facts. In the last 7 days, we’ve achieved…

SnookerZone stats

  • 22K impressions, with 722 clicks, up by 4% from the last 7 days.
  • We’ve advertised news reviews for snooker clubs such as Woking, which have achieved top five search results in google with a high CTR rate. TYPE IN WOKING SNOOKER CENTRE into google and you will see SnookerZone in the top three.
  • We’ve interviewed (and continue to interview) players, coaches, and people where some posts get shared hundreds of times on social media. You can see some results on the SZ front page.
  • We’ve also sold 21 high-end training products on the site as an affiliate, such as Cue Action Trainers from snooker coach Nic Barrow using review posts.

So if you’re keen to get more exposure for your product or brand, we may just be able to help!

We accept sponsored posts, and, sometimes, we could write (or rewrite the post) depending on your needs and requirements.

Send us an email using the form below – now and see what we could do for you or if you’re a good fit to work with our brand or to find out costs and other info…

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