A Perfect Night for Parsons in the 900…

A Perfect Night for Parsons in the 900…

Ant Parsons came through the first night as the undefeated reigning 900 Champion on Monday as he will be in the last 8 on Wednesday of week three season 2.

Parsons, 44, who picked up a prize pot of £10,000 in season 1, told Rachel Casey and the team that reaching another Grand Finals in a few weeks time was the ‘holy grail’ of this fast and furious amateur event.

But modest in the wins on Monday, he said: “I have got to play better.”

And added: Sometimes u think it’s going against you, but then things get better.”

The undefeated champion defeated the 1985 World Champion and legend Dennis Taylor, who rolled back the years,  in the final who also is back with a shot at reaching the Grand Finals and had a great run with a 48 in the semi-finals against former pro Harvey Chandler.

Stuart Watson, a top senior player on the World Seniors Tour dazzled the crowd in Reading with a delightful 60 break and told the 900 team about the running of the table: “You just need to tap them and let the white do the rest.”

Lee the Shirt said the table was running like glass.

Tuesday sees four new faces with the likes of World Women’s Snooker tour player Chucky Preston, Ben Sizer and the four runners from Monday back in with a chance to make it to Wednesday and finals night of week three.

Well done to the 900 for a great event once again with its mixture of top quality snooker, drama and some great tactical exchanges all in 15 mins of entertainment. As Paul Weller would say, “That’s entertainment.”

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