A new era in revolutionary snooker products is coming soon…

A new era in revolutionary snooker products is coming soon…

The creators of the Century G range of professional cue tips have announced an exciting new partnership with top scientists at Sheffield University. 

It comes as the company, based in Sheffield, the home of snooker, have already created innovative and successful products for the last three years such as the G 1 – 4 range of snooker tips and the G5 this year in 2019.

The partnership seeks to produce further revolutionary snooker and cue sports products beyond 2019, and to get to the science behind snooker in the lab!

Already, Century have been producing tips, titanium ferrules, and other top products as well as getting top class World Champions on board to promote their products. 

Both 3 times World Champion Mark Selby is a brand Ambassador for Century and Mark Williams have been using their G range of tips, as have other professionals and top amateurs. 

Said Professor Simon Goodwin of Sheffield:

“We are looking forward to working with Century Pro on the science of snooker, It is wonderful to link-up with such an innovative, cutting-edge company.

We will look to develop a better scientific understanding of how snooker works and hopefully revolutionise various aspects of the sport. Sheffield is the home of this great sport, so it’s great to connect University Of Sheffield with a dynamic local partner like Century Pro”

Andrew Colgrave, the co-founder of Century Pro tips, added: 

“it’s excellent news for the CC brand. We now have the financial power of the University of Sheffield behind us and some of the brightest minds working directly with us. Our first project begins this month!”

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