A Legend of a Tip?…

SnookerZone reviewed two tips over the weekend – a Tomo’s tip and the new Snooker Legends tips which have had a frenzy on social media.

The Legends tips are from the brand Snooker Legends, as you’ve probably guessed. These weren’t a freebie, although SnookerZone did get a discount on them. The tomo’s tips were a freebie from a guy called Lee Thompson, an individual tip entrepreneur.

Before we go into the review of both new tips, if you haven’t read about the many other tips we’ve reviewed previously on the Equipment Zone of SnookerZone then read them by clicking the button below…

On to the Legends Tip…

This tip is a traditional tip which is blue in colour because of the way it is made with chalk. It’s made in the style of the old Elkmaster tips and comes in soft, medium and hard in 10mm.

One initial view on the Legends tip is it’s quite chalky and we found on handling it that you get a lot of blue marks on your hands. Quite messy when fitting, and, when taking it off, it leaves quite a bit of blue gunk mixed with the hard glue on the ferrule. A minor point though.

How did it play when fitted?

The tip we got was a hard 10mm and we found it had a similar feel to a Grand hard and an Exquisite tip. Both are blue in colour as well. The Legends tip did produce lots of grip on the cue ball, producing a good amount of spin and we liked the feel. SnookerZone will point out again that there is no “ideal” tip – only a tip that is “ideal” for you. It’s important that you try as many tips as you can, but, when you do find that ideal tip for you and you like the feel, then that’s the tip you should stick with. Personally, SnookerZone felt that the Legends tip wasn’t right for him, as he likes the feel of tips such as the Regency Pro tips and the Whirlwind tips. You’ll know when a tip comes along and it feels just right for you.

How Much Does the Legend Tip Cost? 

£11:99 for three tips. That’s roughly £4 a tip. Good value. However, the underestimated Regency tips grey series cost £6.99 for three. And are just as good quality. Effectively, with this tip, you’re paying into the brand of Snooker Legends and the success it has and continues to have. If you like paying into certain brands like this, then this is the tip for you. But there are not so well known tips out there, that are just as good…

On to the Tomo Tip Review…


Lee Thompson is a guy selling his own new brand of tips called Tomo tips…We were given a sample of both his layered tips and his “grey” tips…

One of the tips he’s selling are similar to the Whirlwind, Regency Greys and a couple of other brands. They also have very similar feels to those too.

On feel, SnookerZone prefers this type of feel of tip to the Legends one. It’s just personal preference! It had a soft feel and it was exactly that. Some tips, when you’ve tried out a few, you will realise some don’t always have that exact feel of a soft or hard tip and some are a lot “softer or “harder” than you imagined them to be. This “grey” tip we tried had exactly the right feel for our game.

Spin wasn’t difficult to create – but on softer tips they generally aren’t. These weren’t messy either. Just a small point.

How Much for Tomo’s Tips?

Thompson’s tips are very reasonable. £3.50 for three! If you’re just starting out then you could defintely add these to your list of tips to try out!

Find out more about Thompson’s tips on his Facebook page – below – NOW!






Tomo's Tip












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