A 2022 Snooker Academy in Surrey, Fit for a King…

A 2022 Snooker Academy in Surrey, Fit for a King…

2016 NORTHERN IRELAND ranking event winner MARK KING racked an amazing 147 at a state-of-the-art new Surrey Snooker Academy venue in West Byfleet, Surrey, over the weekend.

It’s the first exhibition maximum that has been made at the Camphill venue, which will be in future called the Surrey Snooker Academy since it opened at the end of 2021, where Jimmy White racked one – but that was in a practice frame.

King, 48, was there to DAZZLE fans alongside Joe Perry, the current Welsh Open Champion in 2022, at the exhibition where there are plans to hold many more – and even small tournaments – as well as it being a 21st-century state-of-the-art training hub.

The 147 was the spectacle in a barrage of breaks made by the pair in the four-hour-long entertainment session, which included breaks of 116 and 80 from Joe Perry and King also had other breaks of 80 and 75 straight from the off when they played a best of 7 frames before a mid-session break.

Pure Snooker Entertainment in Surrey Snooker Academy…

After the break, fans, young talents, and local players were able to play doubles frames with Joe and Mark, and there was also a Magician on hand for side entertainment.

King and Perry both said before the 147 that it was a pleasure to come and play on table conditions that mimicked the conditions that the top players are used to playing on TV.

The Romford cueist said that in exhibitions they’ve played at, some of the tables are not in great condition.

At one venue, he said he even took along his own no 10 cloth and said to the owner, “stick that on, and it’ll be fine.”

When he made the 147, he said after: “It’s nice to make one. Not just for me, but for you guys to see it as well.”

He added that when he was on the final pink before the black, he was tense.

“There was some guy in the audience with a flashlight, and I could hardly see the pink, but it went in.”

King is famous for his banter and carefree attitude, as well as the moment he danced down the stairs to rap music at The Masters once.

Perfect facilities for every snooker fan…

This was Joe Perry’s second appearance at the new facility as he was there on the launch night of the new venue last December, and has given glowing reviews of the facility and what is going on there under the passion and great coaching of Brian Cox and his business partner Gareth White.

Joe Perry tweeted after…

The venue boasts two restored Burroughs and Watts tables fitted with professional tournament cloth and is also a state-of-the-art coaching hub with a SMART TV for students to be able to see back what they’re doing right and wrong on their technique.

Left to right: Brian Cox, Joe Perry, Gareth White, Mark King…(photo courtesy of Brian Cox…


A 21st Century Snooker Training Hub…

WPBSA and trained SightRight coach Brian Cox, with 25 years’ experience in coaching snooker to all ages of all abilities and who has also coached a World Junior Champion pool player in young Luke Gilbert, now an Ultimate Pool Professional, said it was his dream to open his own coaching style hub, and it has come true.

Cox added: “We hope, at some point, to get Mark Selby for a future exhibition.”

He said the facility was designed to give players that want to experience it, the chance to experience TV-style pro conditions, which include…

  • The superfine tournament cloths
  • 1g balls
  • Heated tables
  • Digital scoreboard
  • And much more

Pop down to the facility if you’re near West Byfleet and see it for yourself.

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Watch part of the incredible 147 break from Mark King that SnookerZone recorded, in the video below – now…


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