900 Snooker 2022 “Should Go in the Guinness Book of Records”…

900 Snooker 2022 “Should Go in the Guinness Book of Records”…

ANT PARSONS came through the 900 Snooker Grand Finals on Wednesday – ending 25 days of thrilling entertainment from Reading – creating history as the first amateur tournament to be successfully staged in years on TV. 

Parsons scooped the £10,000 first prize, and the coveted inaugural Snooker Legends 900 trophy.

What began in September as an experiment could now become a fully fledged calendar event for years to come that will grow and grow with more exciting events in the pipeline for amateurs of all abilities and ranges.

Hats off to Snooker Legends and Jason Francis for having the drive and determination to put something on for amateurs when lots of fans doubted that the amateur scene would ever be this good again.

And it looks like season 2 in 2023 of the fast and furious one-frame shootouts similar to The World Snooker Tour Snooker Shootout is set to stay and is already on the minds of the team.

SnookerZone has already documented the range of expressions of gratitude from players over the past eight weeks or so – as we’ve seen drama, fun, entertainment, Lee Richardson’s bold and eccentric shirt combinations, and of course the excellent reporting and presenting from the team of Rachel Casey et al.


Fans, players, and professionals have all reacted to the success of the 900 Snooker and how it has transformed the lives of those who have played in it.

London Coach Gary Filtness wrote on Facebook:

Well, where do you start?

The brains behind all this Jason Francis  – take a bow son. You have created a competition for amateur snooker  and players of all walks of life and put the lucky winner in the history books. Me, personally, think it should go into the Guinness Book of Records – not only £10,000. The team you put together were amazing.

He added: “The winner Ant Parsons. I applaud you. This competition is here for many years to come.


The 2022 finalists were…

Andrew Norman – winner of Week 1 – former English amateur snooker finalist. Has the 900 top break of 129.

Aaron Canavan – winner of Week 2 – from Jersey, 2018 World Seniors Champion.

Andrew Higginson– winner of Week 3 – was a professional tour player for over 20 years.

Alfie Lee– winner of Week 4 – son of Stephen Lee, who was a multiple event winner. 19-years-old, top young talent

Philip Williams – Winner Week 5 – from Wales, multiple Welsh amateur champion.

Martin O’Donnell – winner Week 6 – former professional, shootout semi-finalist so style suits the 900 format.

Ant Parsons – winner Week 7 – former English amateur champion, resides in the north-east.

Ben Hancorn – winner Week 8 – on a roll after winning the seniors’ qualifier recently which means he plays at the Crucible in May.

SnookerZone would like to congratulate EVERYONE who competed in the event over the past weeks and those who made it happen.



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