Wow! Cue Power! Watch How Effortless It Can Be

Hi there aspriring snooker player!

Do you ever get the feeling sometimes there is something missing from your game? Maybe it’s the one thing that is preventing you from scoring more points in a frame. It could well be that what you are missing from your game right now is being able to generate enough cue power to get onto a selection of reds so you have more choice. Options.

SnookerZone tries out a lot of tips and advice from coaches from videos on Youtube – and this tip on generating cue power from WPBSA coach Steve Barton, who SnookerZone has interviewed in the Coaching Zone is spot on and will help you generate lots of cue power with ease without having to hit the ball very hard!

Watch the video below as SnookerZone illustrates the tip from Steve! But first, there are five technical tips for generating ideal cue power – and they are these:

  • Relaxing your grip on the cue as you deliver
  • As Steve Barton says in his video, to generate the cue power you want, you need to have a much longer backswing on the final backswing!
  • You need to have a nice pause on the final backswing before you deliver. This will help you to focus on the object ball before delivery!
  • You need to make sure you follow through the cue ball on delivery on every shot, and…
  • Keep absolutely still and watch what happens after you execute the shot!

Here’s SnookerZone’s video:

And here’s the video from Steve Barton! Watch…



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