5 Cuestars Youngsters Got Snooker Masterclass from Top Champion…

5 Cuestars Youngsters Got Snooker Masterclass from Top Champion…

Young future snooker stars were treated to a private masterclass from the current Welsh Open Champion Joe Perry this week. 

As the snooker season seems to be on a bit of a drought in relation to events at the moment, top players are either switching cue sports to Ultimate Pool Events or, dabbling in a spot of coaching, or touring the country booking exhibitions and pro am events.

Some are asking…

Where are the pro snooker events?

Michael Holt, although not on the tour has been posting some Youtube videos on his insights into coaching.

Perry, 48, who scooped the Welsh Open last season, has been engaging much this year doing private coaching and also touring new clubs, and mingling with the grassroots fans of snooker.

The new Cuestars season begins soon in September with the Under-21s kicking off in Salisbury on the 4th of September.

If you’re a youngster today and you have the desire to pick up a cue and play, there is no excuse not to if you seek out the right opportunities and organizations.

Young Harry Wyatt on the Cuestars Under-21 tour tweeted…

Cuestars in the south of England, has plenty of opportunities for players of all levels to compete in friendly environments and learn from quality coaching from the likes of JOHN HUNTER and TIM DUNKLEY.

These kinds of opportunities should be grabbed while they can by youngsters as it is priceless experience to have sessions with top players like Joe Perry.

There’s loads of drills and routines in the Cuestars Academy and regardless of your ability – there is something for everyone to improve their games.

SnookerZone can attest to that!

Have a look inside now…


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