4 Traits to Get Your Snooker Opponent Wondering…

4 Traits to Get Your Snooker Opponent Wondering…

How to show an opponent you mean business and are not just there to make up the numbers in an event – even if you don’t feel confident inside or feel very nervous…

As promised, SnookerZone brings you some more tips for those starting out in the game from scratch.

SnookerZone has been reading a very useful book in the last weeks called the “psychology of selling” by Brian Tracy. Well worth a lookup on Amazon if you’re interested.

Now, while the book is not related to snooker directly, some of the principles in the book can be applied to the game. In fact, they can be applied to anything! You will find that although some of the traits could appear very obvious, they won’t be to everyone. So here are SnookerZone’s 4 tips that could be useful for you in your future on the billiard table.

We practice what we preach here at SnookerZone and every product or a book or training aid we review we have tried or 100% believe in. So here goes…

  1. Starting a frame: Body language and actions can tell their own story and give an opponent an idea about your state of mind…

Confidence is everything in snooker, so when you are about to start a frame in a match, stand up straight, stand tall, and don’t slouch those shoulders! If you appear to be standing tall, it gives off a whiff of confidence. Look your opponent directly in the eyes.

Practice this in solo sessions so it becomes the norm.

One more thing here. When you’re eyeing up a shot, STAND TALL.

2) A firm handshake: Another sign of confidence and positivity

In Tracy’s book, he firmly believes in image is everything. A firm handshake can signal to someone you are confident, and positive about what’s about to take place. It may appear very trivial in the

grand scheme of things, but these can signal lots to others. Give your opponent a firm handshake that says you are there to play and be positive.

Of course, in this era of Covid, a handshake may not be the right thing to do. However, any type of gesture if done positively, can signal confidence. Elbows!?

3) Dress not just to impress

Image is everything now. Whether you’re in an amateur event or playing a pro circuit, or even playing a pro! Dress accordingly but being well dressed AND well-groomed can give off another whiff of professionalism and your opponent will be viewing you on image and gauging your mannerisms around the table. Next time you play with someone, observe their actions. See how they dress. Observe all their actions. Watch the pros on TV and how they act. It’s a great insight into what you can do in your own game.

Mark Selby is well-known for dressing not just to impress, but to give off that aura of confidence and professionalism. Dress well. Feel well. Be well.

4) Stomping around the table – own it!

Even if you’re nervous inside, or not feeling confident, stand tall and stomp around that table as if you mean business! Watch the table like a hawk, and observe everything. Make sure that table is yours and you own it.

Shaun Murphy is a great one for stomping around the table and even when he’s not playing great, you wouldn’t think it from his actions.

You’re the person of the moment. It’s your show. Make the most of it!

Although the book has no relation to snooker, there are many more principles you can learn about selling yourself better in anything, and products or services, from Brian Tracy.

Remember, image, body language, and actions can say so much in few words.

Even if you don’t win, you can show your opponent before that you’re a confident player and won’t be intimidated. Every little helps.

Now, go and work on your game with a new air of confidence…

Enjoy your snooker…

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