4 things the Cue Action Trainer has helped SnookerZone with so far

4 things the Cue Action Trainer has helped SnookerZone with so far

The Cue Action Trainer is like having your very own daily coach with you every day, training you to do technical things right, and not fall into bad habits.

We all fall into bad habits, right?

Sometimes, we think we have a problem with something, and it turns out to be something completely different.

your daily coach that can “iron” out your technical flaws for you so you don’t constantly need to see a coach for those minor issues you may think you have…

Although we’re not suggesting for one minute to not seek out a one-to-one lesson with a good coach, you can, at the very least, iron out some problems you may be having, or think you have, using a coaching aid like the Cue Action Trainer on a regular basis in addition to good coaching!.

So, what kind of problems can the Cue Action Trainer iron out, and what problems has it “ironed” out for SnookerZone so far?

Apart from the obvious one of helping you to deliver the cue straighter, there are 4 other technical things that the CAT will help you iron out.

  1. Gripping the snooker cue too tight…

The CAT has helped SnookerZone figure out the right grip pressure on the backhand to apply when cueing the cue straight through the CAT legs. If you grip the cue too tight when doing Nic Barrow’s “stop and check” routine, you will move the legs a lot, and you will not be cueing through the legs on the CAT smoothly. Any good coach will tell you to relax the grip when playing shots as any tight grip will cause the cue to move offline because of pressure. Using the CAT regularly will help consistency with this problem that can arise from time to time with players of all levels.

2) Striking cue ball with unintentional side…

Discovering what the CAT can do for you from the comfort of a kitchen side so your training down the snooker club is less stressful!

One of SnookerZone’s major problems has been imparting unwanted side on the cue ball, namely left-hand side. The CAT has helped with this problem because of being able to determine where we are standing in relation to the shot.

The CAT determines the line of aim and, more importantly, how your body is positioned in relation to the cue and where you need to be on your sighting line. Then, it is a case of cueing through the line of the CAT and “feeling” what the cue is doing on the backswing. One of the reasons why we were imparting left-hand side was because our brain naturally tells the body to cue to the left, rather than the “right” which in our case is dead center of the cue ball. Weird right?

How have we done this? Simple. Put a cue ball in front a distance away center of the CAT and cue through normally. Is the cue pointing directly at the center of the cue ball? There’s your answer.

Feel the power now!

3) Developing a confident long backswing that FEELS straight AND IS STRAIGHT…

Sometimes, a player will be afraid to pull the cue back too far (especially on power shots) for fear of the swing not feeling straight. We know this because we’ve had this problem for a while now.

Even if the backswing on the cue IS straight, some players have that doubt in the back of their mind about it, and generally, that is what then turns into missed pots.

This is a more psychological aspect that can make players doubt their own ability.

Fear breeds fear.

Anxiety turns into players questioning other aspects of their game. With the CAT, you will get the truth right in front of you via the CAT legs. If your backswing is not straight, then you will know! This is part of Nic Barrow’s “stop and check” daily routine! DO IT! Through natural learning, you will then get instant feedback that you will be able to correct!

4) Developing a consistent overall cue action…

With the CAT, you can experiment with different types of actions. Long. Short. The works. This will give you the safe experimentation to be able to find the perfect action that suits you.

Not what a coach has told you.

Not what a player down the club has told you.

Not what a textbook has told you. Find it through the CAT and your own discovery.

In SnookerZone’s case, our action is simple. Three controlled feathers. A nice pause. And a controlled delivery.

You will be able to work that out for yourself when using the CAT.

Feel the power now!

Wrapping up…

The CAT does so much more than just helping you learn straight cueing. It gives you…

  • confidence in all aspects of the cueing process
  • confidence in your set up on the shot
  • confidence in your backswing
  • confidence you are striking cue ball in the center
  • and much much more.

In our next article, we’ll explain about how the CAT can help with giving you greater confidence in using the rest. The same principles apply.

In the meantime…

Feel the power now!





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