2024: Woking Snooker’s Packed Weekend of Snooker & Billiards…

2024: Woking Snooker’s Packed Weekend of Snooker & Billiards…

THE English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards (EPSB) returned to Woking Snooker Centre at the weekend on Saturday.

As did the English Amateur Billiard Association (EABA) return on Sunday.

38 entries turned out to the Surrey-based club for the EPSB event as a variety of players including stars of the Snooker Legends 90o  hit the baize for some competitive snooker.

Among them were 900 stars such as Ryan Mears, current World Women’s No 15 Jasmine Bolsover, Dharminder Lilly, Wayne Townsend and Billy Castle, all who have competed on TV in the 900.

In the end, it was Cuestars star Labeeb Ahmed who defeated Ryan Mears with a century 3 – 1.

One match between two players – a talented French player from near Montpellier Edouard Regnier-Laurent and Shakeel Shahneel lasted three and a half hours and started at 10:05 AM and ended at around 1:35 PM.

SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor spoke to Ryan Mears at Sunday’s English Amateur Billiard event and Mears, 35, said, “It was a long and hard-fought match.”

He added it was good to get to the final against Labeeb as his semi-final clash against Mark Lloyd at one stage he thought he was at one point “dead and buried. He believed he was going to go 3 – 1 down, he said.

Mears was one of many stars who performed well in the Snooker Legends 900  event last year getting to a semi-final.

English Amateur Billiards: South – Woking…

Buddies before a gripping billiard contest at Woking. 900-star Ryan Mears and billiards star Chris Taylor both qualified from Group A on Sunday…

BILLIARD STARS landed in Woking on Sunday for the English Amateur Billiards Association Group qualifications. On Sunday.

Eight players qualified from four groups.

SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor spoke to Nathan Mann from the tour, who said: “Woking and Landywood are two of the best venues we play at.”

Ryan Mears had a busy weekend by reaching the final of the EPSB and also playing in the English Amateur Billiards on Sunday and was one of the 8 players who qualified out of the south.

The FULL results for Woking and Landywood can be found on the Facebook page of the EABA.

Nathan Mann, 38, another of the qualifiers, said he liked the new cloth that had been put on at Woking on table 1 which is one of three Marco Fu Exclusive cloths there, but said it was a bit slidey at first to get used to.

There was also a last 16 at Landywood for the north.

Results from the 3rd and final session of the English Amateur Championship intermediate stage (Southern) being held at Woking Snooker Centre:

Terry Azor 440 – 166 Ian Whiting
John Mullane 425 (79) – 345 (68) Gary Norman
Martin Gawthrop 477 (53,74) – 226 Dean Manders
Nathan Mann 466 – 164 Riley Ellis
Ryan Mears 493 (79,67,51) – 284 Steve Allen
Chris Mitchell 238 (53) – 600 (202) Chris Taylor
David Gillingham 402 (51) – 257 Jamie Wayman
Rob Hall 522 (111,67) – 170 Richard Lambert


The 8 qualifiers from Woking were…

Group A – Chris Taylor, Ryan Mears
Group B – David Gillingham, Terry Azor
Group C – John Mullane, Rob Hall
Group D – Nathan Mann, Martin Gawthrop

Congratulations to everyone who competed in events across the country at the weekend.

Thanks to the Tournament Directors who do a friendly and great job in accommodating media and providing information, particularly resident social media star Terry T and Clive Scott from the EABA who came back to Woking.

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