2024: Who Will Be Flying in the Billiards Next Month?

2024: Who Will Be Flying in the Billiards Next Month?

THE BYFLEET LEAGUE billiards season gets underway next month.

With eight teams involved, the season will pot and canon off on the 7th of March and lasts for 14 weeks. 

Last season’s billiards team from Woking saw Woking A’s team lose by just one point to Staines Con A 123 – 122.

Woking A billiard side has once again the snooker and billiard hotshot Ryan Mears who was one of the stars who competed on TV last year in the Snooker Legends 900 event in Reading and made a semi-final.

Mears, who competed in the last 32 in the last 16 south at Woking a couple of weeks ago has four high breaks in the Byfleet billiards league ranging from 100 to 106.

In 2012, Sunninghill A defeated the Woking B side 118 – 117 – by just one point.

And, in 2016, Sunninghill A scooped the title by just two points to the Woking B side.

This is Division One of the Billiards Byfleet League.

Woking C are in Division Two of the League in 2024.

Good luck to all the teams competing in the billiards league for 2024.

There’s still two weeks left of the snooker season before the billiards season commences after that.


Snooker and billiards and community sports are for all…


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A few weeks ago, SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor launched a mini-campaign regarding advocating whether it should be made mandatory for children and adults to wear helmets on bikes based on an accident he had in 2020 during a  pandemic. In that year of Covid pandemic, which lasted roughly up to two years, there were according to UK statistics, 4,281 serious bike accidents and 141 deaths.

In 2022, the death toll from pedal accidents was 91, with 4,056 accidents.

Chris Gaynor broke his shoulder in four places, and had to have emergency surgery to fix it, but then had rare bone growth which interrupted FULL recovery of the shoulder, meaning he didn’t have FULL rotation. Wearing the helmet he believed saved his life because he managed to land on his shoulder, but, if he had landed on the concrete on the head, it could well have been fatal.

Jonathan Lord MP for Woking, who backs community sports investment replied to a question asked by Chris Gaynor, and said: “I think it is extremely sensible and wise for cyclists to wear a helmet, but as a believer in individual liberty, I wouldn’t personally mandate it for adults especially on rural/minor roads.

Lord added though: “But, it is SO dangerous NOT to wear a helmet on busy roads that I would certainly be happy to mandate it for all children and perhaps for adults too!”


Perhaps a question to raise in parliament? 

Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a writer with 10 years' experience writing for the web. He loves snooker, CSI and loves cycling off tiramisu!