2024 Review: Omin Chalk Holder…

2024 Review: Omin Chalk Holder…


SNOOKERZONE has picked up a magnetic chalk holder by OMIN CUES.

There are many of these magnetic chalk holders on the market by different brands. Some go for a lot of money, like the Taom magnetic chalk holder, whereas other chalk pouches/holders you can get for a fiver or under. We recently reviewed the ADR 147 chalk pouch, which was a very well-designed and made chalk pouch.

It depends on what you prefer, a pouch or a belt clip that holds some chalk.

This is a simple chalk holder that has a square protector case for a square piece of your favorite chalk. In the round variety, we like a wide variety of chalks, but we particularly like the WHIRLWIND BLUE CHALK.

The only downside to this product is it didn’t come with a round protective holder, so you could put a piece of round chalk in like the Taom.

The way we got around that is we purchased some round magnets from an online DIY store put the magnet onto another holder we had and then put it on the OMIN CUES holder (see pic right-hand side). So we now can MOUNT UP with either Taom or RUSSIAN MAGIC or WHIRLWIND…

We like this holder as it’s very discreet around your belt, clips on easily, and unlike some pouches, you don’t see all the pouch.

OMIN CUES is a great chalk holder for a fiver which you can get on EBAY or AMAZON.

We believe MARK ALLEN is sponsored by OMIN CUES.

SnookerZone wanted to check with Mark Allen that he was indeed being sponsored by OMIN CUES. You heard it from Mark The Pistol Allen himself that OMIN CUES PRODUCTS are great products.


PS: Congratulations to Snooker Legends and their brilliant coverage of the Legends 900 Seniors event that was won by Stephen Hendry last year at Christmas.

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