2024 Review: Is This the Best Chalk Pouch Ever?

2024 Review: Is This the Best Chalk Pouch Ever?

SNOOKERZONE’S Chris Gaynor reviews this latest chalk holder from Dave Maddox dubbed the best – by top coach Nic Barrow. 

Top coach Nic Barrow said this was the “best chalk pouch ever” as he did a video on this, and we thank him for putting us in touch with Dave Maddox and we decided to find out if it was or not.

Our top three chalk pouches are…

  1. Dave Maddox’s chalk pouch
  2. Dragon Cues chalk pouch, which is similar to the Dave Maddox one
  3. ADR 147 which we’ve also reviewed here (hard leather – similar to the Taom)

There are many brands of chalk pouches so it really is personal preference. However, those top three are our recommendations for the moment.

Mark Williams Snooker also has a chalk pouch range if you want to get that snooker fan/player a gift… 

We took Dave’s chalk pouch for a whirl on the local snooker scene at the weekend at a venue we have just joined as a new member.


The local social club snooker scene is growing in a small part of Surrey, with social clubs popping up in a few towns and villages providing “match quality” tables for players of all abilities. There are now small venues in Cobham, Oxshott, Leatherhead, and Epsom, all of which provide access to match quality snooker and pool tables, as well as local leagues on Tuesdays and mini-competitions sometimes on Saturdays. Great to watch and maybe report on or play in.

Some social clubs are slowly developing their facilities to be top-notch venues replacing old lighting, etc.

We reported on a 147 at West Byfleet a couple of years ago. We’ve visited the same venue with Brian Cox in Cobham still called the Surrey Snooker Academy.

Although there’s only two to three tables at each venue, the facilities are great and the clubs welcome new members and also welcome players to join their leagues – open to all abilities.

We spoke to members who were delighted to have the time to talk to you and take an interest in your previous snooker journey and love of the game. In some venues, the likes of Steve Davis, Jimmy White, and the late Alex Higgins have all played exhibitions or, indeed, practiced at them, just like at the big snooker clubs like Woking Snooker Centre et al.

There are only a handful of big snooker clubs in Surrey.


There is also memorabilia on the walls.

The Oxshott Club has two match-quality tables and a local league with Oxshott A, B, C. and sometimes mini competitions.


Back to the product review…

Here are the pros and cons of this product…


  1. The pouch is sleek and stylish – we love the colour.
  2. It clips easily onto the belt or the pocket for ease of use
  3. The leather is quality and smells genuine
  4. A quality-made product – some pouches are poorly made…
  5. The chalk fits snuggly in the pouch and there is no issue with it going in or out.
  6. It’s 2cm longer than the average and we like the fact that it doesn’t get in the way of your cueing
  7. Overall, it just looks a professionally designed product…


  1. It’s not magnetic, so you won’t be able to sit the chalk outside of the pouch. Some other pouches are magnetic and you don’t always have to put the chalk in the pouch bit. However, we like the fact that it’s not magnetic and can slip the chalk in when needed.

Find out more about Dave Maddox’s products as he makes bespoke cases, then get in contact with Dave on his Facebook page.


However, watch the video Nic Barrow did below on Dave Maddox’s cases, and the mention of the chalk pouch.

Chris Gaynor

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