2024 British Open WDBS at Woking…

2024 British Open WDBS at Woking…

SNOOKERZONE CREATOR/WRITER/JOURNALIST Chris Gaynor attended the 2024 British Open World Disability Snooker event at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey over the weekend.

The event saw a healthy turnout of 80 plus players, which saw 8 groups compete with a variety of disabilities. We managed to interview the WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson on day two of the event, the Saturday, and our several postings on X/Twitter (we still think of X as Twitter) have had several hundred views, as did our initial preview posting on X/Twitter in the #Surrey trending. 

We also spoke to Matt Huart, we’ve spoken to him on a couple of occasions in the past at WDBS events at Woking, and we wanted to clarify a couple of things.


We also submitted it to BBC SNOOKER and BBC SPORT and GB NEWS.

One of those things was regarding whether the World Disability or World Women’s Snooker Tours should have specific player contracts, where players sign a contract that outlines several responsibilities and benefits, including a duty to promote the events they decide to enter.

Also, should players make RECORDED CENTURIES, or 147s, there should be a duty for that World Tour to have the links to those as part of promotional material for the World Tour.

Matt said that players already sign TERMS and CONDITIONS to play on the World Tours, and said they are a kind of SEPARATE TOUR already, but also still pathways to the MAIN TOUR, he said.

He hinted at the event that if there were BIG ENOUGH SPONSORSHIPS within these World Tours, they could become “PROFESSIONAL” Tours in their own right, but that was a LONG WAY OFF.


We believe we should have played in the two events that have passed (2023 and 2024 at Woking -and have been a long-standing member since 2015) because of our SHOULDER INJURY, which we’ve documented in a previous post here on this website.


In terms of our snooker ability for an application, we have made a 36 break against former Woking C’s Ivan Astin in the past. These achievements were made AFTER OUR BIKE ACCIDENT. Apart from the 43 break, which was made way before that.

The club team (manager) knew about our shoulder issue at Woking because we had told them about it in 2021, We could have also played in the 2023 event and we believe the manager of the club, whom we’ve documented on this website a lot, should help players ENTER these kind of EVENTS should they decide to knowing their particular “disability”.

Looking at the CLASSIFICATION LIST is not difficult, but we’re still not sure.

Snooker is for everyone, and no one should be EXCLUDED from events or appear to be excluded on perceived grounds of ability. We have also reached the semi-finals of the Handicap tournament as well.

We have played in Cuestars over 40s, twice, almost won two matches there, and also played in the Bob Mason 2023 where we almost won a match there, and the Open Series where we got to play PAUL BUNYARD, one of the elite players in the club – all good experiences.

We have played snooker with a shoulder injury since 2021 and it has always been a struggle to find our proper alignment – despite having the odd coaching lesson and using training aids. But, we have kept going because we love the game.

But we should have the query about whether we are eligible for WDBS or not RESOLVED ONCE AND FOR ALL. We are still in the dark about this – despite the inquiry at the WDBS event last weekend.

Having looked at the CLASSIFICATION LIST on the WDBS website, we believe that potentially, on the grounds of disability, we might be potentially eligible to play in GROUP 3 of a future WDBS event, and PROFILE 16 on that list seems to fit in with our SHOULDER ISSUE.


Our right shoulder does not fully rotate because of RARE BONE GROWTH after an operation to fix it where we broke it in four places after a very bad bike accident in 2020 and, despite PHYSIO, the RARE BONE GROWTH prevented us from FULL RECOVERY.

The Consultant on the case said that even if the RARE BONE GROWTH had not occurred, we still may not have had FULL ROTATION because there was more or less an 80% chance of FULL EXTENSION.

There is nothing that they can do for the moment until there’s a breakthrough and the consultant on that case raised this RARE OCCURENCE with fellow consultants at a conference in London and it was going to be recorded apparently in a JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.

We cannot EXTEND our right arm FULLY to the proper height or rotate it fully.

We cannot do FRONT CRAWL in swimming properly, but we can, of course, do small breaststrokes in a swimming pool. We cannot LIFT weights to FULL height. And we cannot do WEIGHT LIFTING!

If that is potentially regarded as a disability and fits in with profile 16 on the WDBS list, then can someone from the WDBS answer that, please? WE’RE STILL NOT ENTIRELY SURE. This is more for PEACE OF MIND than anything.

If there are any other players that want to play in a WDBS event in #Woking and beyond on the Tour, then SEE THE CLASSIFICATION LIST ON THE WDBS WEBSITE OR CONTACT THE WDBS… 

After speaking to Bob Hill from the EPSB/WPBSA, over the phone,

He told CHRIS GAYNOR that it is ALWAYS difficult to initially ascertain what category you might be in. He said that it was more likely that Chris Gaynor would be in Group 5, fitting in either profile 24/29. He said that CHRIS GAYNOR should go along to another WDBS event in the future and be assessed by the WDBS team should he wish to play in a WDBS event in the future.

Congratulations to the overall winners of the Groups…

Group 1/2 Shahab Siddiqui

Group 3 Nigel Coton

4 Carl Gibson

5 Dave Bolton

6 Scotland’s Alan Reynolds

6B James Hart

7/8 Lewis Knowles

Well done to the team at Woking, and to Cue Surrey for his sponsorship of players that did well at the event. We briefly wished some of them well at the event when we saw them which were James Lodge, who enjoyed his curry, he told us, and David Church, whom we’ve interviewed previously on this website.






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