2023: Woking Snooker Money Match: Pool…

2023: Woking Snooker Money Match: Pool…

BEN TAYLOR FUENTE rolled into Woking Snooker Centre on the weekend to play a £500 pool money match against Alan Morgan.

The pool table in the side hall was moved to the bar main area so that spectators could watch the action unfold over the afternoon/evening.

Taylor Fuente took the match 18 – 14, and wrote on Facebook after: “Huge respect to Alan Morgan for the match. Fair to say neither of us played to our best and that must have been a hard watch!

I’ve been extremely ill since Wednesday but didn’t want to cancel on Alan because of the effort he was making getting here – if you watched the match you probably noticed my 3 seconds of thinking time before every shot – I was simply struggling to stand. How I’ve won that I’ll never know.”

SnookerZone has interviewed Ben Taylor Fuente before and wishes him well at the Hanoi Open.

We saw a tiny bit of Ben Taylor Fuente in action on Saturday in pool practice. Some great LIVE clearances.

Alan Morgan apparently gave up snooker to play pool but cites on the pool statistics website that his favorite snooker player is Judd Trump.

The website Cuescore reads of Alan Morgan: “Played snooker for many years, then turned to American pool due to change in location. Love playing pool and watching good pool matches.”

Woking Snooker Centre manager Peter Ruddick said there may well be small pool tournaments in the future at Woking depending on the demand.

Snooker Legends 900 Returns for Week Three…

Don’t forget, the Snooker Legends 900 returns for Week three this week on SportyStuff TV at 10PM and is LIVE on SKY 427 and on the Youtube SportyStuff channel, and on Freeview if you can get it.

Ant Parsons, the winner of Season 1 of the fast and furious snooker event joins with 1985 World Champion Dennis Taylor and qualifier Marc Shaw is in action from event three of the qualifiers a few weeks ago.

From the women, Chucky Preston joins from Tuesday, as well as other notable players such as Big Ben Sizer, he’s a tall lad is Ben and the talented teenager Robbie Mcguigan, 19.

From the Belfast Telegraph: At the age of 17, Mcguigan was the youngest ever amateur champion in Northern Ireland and surpassed that of the now top snooker star Mark Allen. 

Good luck to those competing in the 900 tonight!


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