2023: Upcoming Snooker UK Events This Month Beyond…

2023: Upcoming Snooker UK Events This Month Beyond…

THIS MONTH sees the return of the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards (EPSB) Women’s Series, held at the Winchester Snooker Club as Event Three is in a couple of weeks’ time.

Events One and Two were victorious for Thai star Mink Nutcharut, and Event Three is so far scheduled for October 22nd.

Two days before that, the QTour Event Three lands in Hellbrohn, Germany, and runs from October 20 – 22nd.

Mike Gillespie, from the World Disability Tour, appeared on the fast and furious snooker legends 900 this week and was visually impaired from an accident, but told Rachel Casey and team that he looked forward to the occasion and to enjoy every moment of the experience and that it was great to be out there competing at “this great game” of snooker LIVE on TV.

World Disability Champion David Church appeared on TV last season and is set to make a return to the 900 later on in the series in Week 7.

Woking Snooker star Jasmine Bolsover is set to play on Week Five in the second TV appearance, as is Emma Parker, who has been fearless on the Exhibition Circuit in the past year and is set to play on Week Six of the 900.

The 2023 German Open for the WDBS tour is on this month, and lands in Russelheim. There are 8 groups of Disability players who will be competing in Germany.

From the WDBS website: The venue is fully accessible and is home to eight full-size snooker tables. The tournament will be the first held in mainland Europe outside of Belgium and all players from across Europe and beyond are encouraged to take part.As with regular UK-based tournaments, there will be an Open Day led by WPBSA Snooker Coach Steve Rutter held on Friday 27 October from approximately 10:00am until 1:30pm.

So far, 29 entries have been confirmed, according to Snookerscores.net, and you can follow the progress to Germany and other news on the WDBS on the WDBS website:

Go here…

For more events see snookerscores.net.

Week three of the 900 concludes on Wednesday, with Week Four ushering in new faces with top former professional and Shootout winner Michael Holt leading the challenge and tipped to win week four and progress to the Grand Finals.

Young prospect similar to Robbie Mcguigan, Alfie Lee, son of the former top snooker star Stephen Lee is also a big favourite to progress through and also Ryan Davies is another ticket that could be in the running for progressing and winning the group. But Holt is the firm favourite, but as Lee the shirt and the team of pundits have said, you just never know with the 900.

You can rest assured, “expect the unexpected.”

Good luck to everyone competing in amateur events this month and beyond. 

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